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Is there a downside to becoming a nightingale?

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Should I join them or is there a bad side to it? Well, you kinda have to if you wanna do the Thieves Guild quest line…but no, there are no negative side effects in the game.


What are the benefits of being a nightingale in Skyrim?

As a reward for the pledge of service, Nightingales are granted armor blessed by Nocturnal and receive special powers, including increased luck in their exploits as thieves.

Can you be a nightingale and in the Dark Brotherhood?

Of course they can be apart. Those are 2 different organizations. The Nightingales are from the Thieves Guild.

How do I activate Nightingale powers?

Use them as you would your race abilities or dragon shouts, allocate on of them to your Z key (PC default, whatever it is on console) and press it to use the power.

Is Nightingale Bow better than daedric?

At its highest level, the Nightingale Bow does 19 damage, as well as deals 30 frost and 15 shock damage. This is what makes it even better than a base Daedric Bow, although with high enough Enchanting and Smithing perks a Daedric Bow made by the player has the chance of being just as good, if not better.

Does Brynjolf become a nightingale?

During the main line of quests for the Thieves Guild, Brynjolf and the Dragonborn become Nightingales, like guildmaster-turned-traitor Mercer Frey, to assist Karliah with seeking revenge on him.

Is Nightingale Armor better than Dark Brotherhood armor?

Main armor piece/cuirass/robes/whatever: I’d take stamina increase for the Nightingale armor over 50% poison resistance for the Shrouded, but given that Nightingale also comes with 50% frost resistance (incredibly useful against most dragons, as well as mages) Nightingale comes out as a clear winner.

Why is the nightingale immortal?

He means that the nightingale’s voice is immortal, because all nightingales produce the same beautiful, haunting sound. His talk of generations leads him to think of human history.

How do you get the Nightingale sword?

The Nightingale Blade is a quest reward given after completing the Thieves’ Guild quest Hard Answers.

Does Nightingale Armor level with you?

The character level when the quest “Trinity Restored” is started determines which tier of armor will be granted. In addition, wearing all four pieces of Nightingale Armor grants the effect “Nightingale Armor Full Set,” which increases armor rating by 25 points.

Can you play Nightingale solo?

You can play Nightingale solo or with friends.

What happens if you become a nightingale in Skyrim?

Becoming a Nightingale grants you special powers and armor, along with providing a great storyline, so check this out for a nice side quest. Start by joining the Thieves Guild and reading on.

Can you marry Nocturnal?

This adds Nocturnal as a follower companion and is marriageable as well.

Can I solo her Malenia?

Despite being considered one of Elden Ring’s toughest bosses, with various strategies to defeat Malenia rising and falling, one increasingly guaranteed way to win the fight is by summoning Let Me Solo Her. The legendary player was first spotted in April for wearing nought but a pot on his head and wielding two katanas.

Can you marry the nightingale in Skyrim?

Then go to Nightingale Hall and speak with Karliah. She should have follower lines right away, for marriage lines you must be wearing an Amulet of Mara, like with any other regular candidate for marriage. Give her flowers and she will take off her hood.

Is a nightingale rare?

They occur south of a line from the Severn to the Humber, and are scarce birds nowadays – so you’re unlikely to encounter them away from favoured haunts. Here are the ten places you are most likely to hear the birds. Many are nature reserves and offer guided nightingale walks between late April and early June.

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Can you get Nightingale Armor?

The Nightingale Armor can only be acquired by getting to the quest “Trinity Restored” in the Thieves Guild questline, the ninth Thieves Guild quest overall, where it is simply given to the player for becoming a member of the Nightingales.

Who worships Nocturnal Skyrim?

the Nightingales9 Connection To The Thieves Guild

Nocturnal’s main mortal worshipers are the Nightingales, operating as the inner circle of the Thieves Guild. The Nightingales use their role to serve Nocturnal, in exchange they are granted gifts which allow them to operate in the shadows more efficiently.

Who is the champion of Nocturnal?

Shadow Veya or Shadow Tundilwen is Nocturnal’s champion Veya Releth transformed into a Gloam Knight, a warped and twisted husk of her former self; one that feels hate, embodies mystery, and has no sympathy.

What is Nocturnal the god of?

advertisement. Nocturnal is one of the daedric gods in The Elder Scrolls. She’s the mistress of steal, shadow, and patron of the thieves. Some thieves know her as Lady Luck.

Can you be a nightingale and a vampire?

yes you can be both, only thing you cant be is a vampire and a werewolf at the same time other that ,yup you can be pretty much everything else 🙂 Actually you can. You just need to work for the Dawnguard and then ask Serana to turn you into a Vampire Lord.

Is Nightingale Armor the best armor?

The armor can be upgraded with Void Salts, and when the full set is worn it totals to an armor rating of 69, making the Nightingale light armor set one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim.

Is The Nightingale a happy ending?

When the war is over, she returns home and is reunited with her love, Gaetan. She dies in his arms without regrets for the choices that led her there. The ending of the book is a hugely emotional reunion in 1995 for the survivors of the war.

What is the highest level Nightingale Armor?

The first tier is for levels 1-18, the second for levels 19-31, then the highest tier is for level 32+. It looks like the pieces you are given come enchanted, however, so that may be where your confusion lies, as the Nightingale Armor has an innate Frost Resistance enchantment.

Is Nightingale Armor daedric?

Nightingale Armor

This cool-looking set can be obtained during the Thieves Guild questline as a gift from the Daedric Prince Nocturnal after they make you one of their champions.

What is the most powerful bow in Skyrim?

If you’re looking for the strongest bow in Skyrim, then the Dwarven Black Bow of Fate is your best option.

1 Dwarven Black Bow Of Fate

  • Damage: 13.
  • Effect: You have a 50 percent chance to absorb 25 points of health, stamina, and magicka from a damaged enemy.
  • Location: Found in the southeast room of Kagrumez.

Is there a nightingale shield?

The Nightingale Shield has the same states as a daedric shield. It can be found in the Nightingale Hall. It has an enchantment of waterwalking. Finally it requires no DLC.

Is Nightingale sword good?

IS nightingale blade good? If you’re any less than level 46 when you acquire the Nightingale Blade, then you’ll never see its most powerful form (short of using mods to get it). Not that it’s that powerful anyway. Personally I think the Ghostblade’s pretty good at early levels.

What is the strongest light armor in Skyrim?

The best Light Armor sets in Skyrim ranked

Deathbrand Armor is arguably the best armor in the game – certainly if you don’t have max-level Smithing and Enchanting skills. It can be found one piece at a time as part of the “Deathbrand” Dragonborn quest.

How many players are in Nightingale?

Early access will include friends-only co-op, with six players per realm – though there are plans for expansion. Inflexion is also aiming for the game to be approachable as a single player experience, with realm cards able to assist solo players beyond gameplay balancing.

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Does Nightingale game have a story?

Nightingale is a fantasy story that takes place across a number of interconnected realms. Humans come from one particular realm, which is a Victorian-era Steampunk-esque world of top hats and flintlock firearms. This realm is connected to various others via a sprawling arcane portal network.

What is the most overpowered weapon in Skyrim?

1 Auriel’s Bow

Thus, it’s no surprise that Auriel’s Bow is the most powerful weapon a player can find in Skyrim. Once wielded by the Elven god Auri-El himself, this bow deals 13 base damage with 20 points of sun damage stacked on top for 33 points of damage and has a faster rate of fire than the average bow.

What happens if you pickpocket Brynjolf?

After Brynjolf informs you of his plan the player will receive a hidden effect increasing pickpocketing chance by 30%, which makes planting the ring significantly easier. If you are caught, Madesi’s Silver Ring can be found afterwards in the evidence chest in Riften Jail.

Is there a nightingale sword in Skyrim?

The Nightingale Blade is a sword, originally owned by Gallus, given to you by Karliah during the quest Hard Answers. Its enchantment absorbs the health and stamina of whoever is slashed by it for one second. Tempering the Nightingale Blade requires one ebony ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Can I betray Thieves Guild?

Although there’s a way to bring down the Dark Brotherhood, there is no similar quest or quest line to bring down the Thieves Guild. On the other hand, there’s no disadvantages for joining and completing the Thieves Guild quest line – only benefits, achievements, and advantages! Save this answer.

What is the weakest armor in Skyrim?

Considered among the weakest pieces in the game, Fur armor is unique in the sense that it can’t be crafted. It will still be widely available in any bandit hideouts, especially at the beginning of the game, and is an okay starting set up for someone looking to build a light armor character.

What is the coolest armor in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 10 Best Looking Armor Sets, Ranked

  • Dawnguard Armor Set.
  • Ebony Armor Set.
  • Shrouded Armor Set.
  • Guild Master’s Armor Set.
  • Vampire Royal Armor Set.
  • Dragonscale Armor Set.
  • Nightingale Armor Set.
  • Daedric Armor Set.

What is the prettiest armor in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 10 Most Stylish Armor Sets, Ranked

  • 8 Ebony Armor.
  • 7 Ancient Falmer Armor.
  • 6 Dragonscale Armor.
  • 5 Vampire Royal Armor.
  • 4 Glass Armor.
  • 3 Steel Plate Armor.
  • 2 Daedric Armor.
  • 1 Nightingale Armor.

Why is The Nightingale so good?

The Nightingale tells the stories of two sisters, separated by years and experience, by ideals, passion and circumstance, each embarking on her own dangerous path toward survival, love, and freedom in German-occupied, war-torn France-a heartbreakingly beautiful novel that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit

Is The Nightingale disturbing?

The Nightingale is a horror film not about a supernatural evil, like Kent’s The Babadook, but the horror and brutality people can enact on each other. Both for the indigenous Tasmanian Aboriginals and the convicts that were forcibly taken to the island, life was brutal and unforgiving.

How do I choose a nightingale power?

YouTube video

Can vampire hybrids reproduce?

It is currently unknown whether hybrids can reproduce or not. It may be possible that they are able to, since the primary limitation for female vampires is their inability to change-not the case with hybrids.

What is a female vampire called?

vampiressvampiress (plural vampiresses) A female vampire. A female vampire is called a vampiress.

Can a vampire breed with a human?

In Balkans folklore, dhampirs (sometimes spelled dhampyres, dhamphirs, or dhampyrs) are creatures that are the result of a union between a vampire and a human. This union was usually between male vampires and female humans, with stories of female vampires mating with male humans being rare.

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What is the second best armor in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 15 Best Armor Sets & How To Find Them

  • 8 Nightingale Armor.
  • 7 Ancient Shrouded Armor.
  • 6 Falmer Heavy Armor.
  • 5 Dragonplate Armor.
  • 4 Guild Master’s Armor.
  • 3 Deathbrand Armor.
  • 2 Ahzidals Armor.
  • 1 Daedric Armor.

Who is the best light armor follower in Skyrim?

Easily the strongest out of Skyrim’s humanoid followers, Serana possesses high levels in the Destruction, Conjuration, One-Handed, and Light Armor skills, making her very offensively versatile.

What is the strongest sword in Skyrim?

Strongest Unique Swords In Skyrim, Ranked

  • 8 Lunar Iron Sword.
  • 7 Miraak’s Sword.
  • 6 Nightingale Blade.
  • 5 The Pale Blade.
  • 4 Red Eagle’s Bane.
  • 3 Windshear.
  • 2 Harkon’s Sword.
  • 1 Dragonbane.

Who is the strongest Daedra in Elder Scrolls?

Based during the events of Skyrim, here are all 17 Daedric Princes ranked from weakest to strongest.

  1. 1 Sheogorath. Sheogorath can be considered the strongest Daedric Prince in The Elder Scrolls due to his insanity.
  2. 2 Mehrunes Dagon.
  3. 3 Azura.
  4. 4 Molag Bal.
  5. 5 Hermaeus Mora.
  6. 6 Boethiah.
  7. 7 Malacath.
  8. 8 Hircine.

Who is the best archer in Skyrim?

1 Best: Bosmer (Wood Elf)

They have an early advantage right off the bat, with the highest starting Archery bonus in the game (Sneak, Light Armor and Lockpicking among others helps too).

How do you get the Nightingale sword?

The Nightingale Blade is a quest reward given after completing the Thieves’ Guild quest Hard Answers.

Can you get Salma as a follower in Skyrim?

Probably with a follower mod like AFT, where you cast a spell to make her a follower. That then gives you dialogue choices to manage what she does , inventory and gear management. The main drawback will be she only has her 2 lines of dialogue that she will repeat a lot.

Is the Night Mother a khajiit?

The Night Mother has also been credited as an incarnation of Daedric Prince Mephala, whereas she is also identified as Severa Magia in Morrowind during the Third Era. Before this, in Daggerfall, the Night Mother is identified simply as an immortal spirit with the likeness of either a Redguard or a Khajiit woman.

Can you marry Nocturnal?

This adds Nocturnal as a follower companion and is marriageable as well.

What race is Nocturnal Skyrim?


Nocturnal (RefID: 0001A2EB) (lore page)
Race Redguard Gender
Level 1 Class
RefID 0001A2EB BaseID
Other Information

Are Azura and Nocturnal enemies?

Azura’s Star, the Twilight Star, is visible at dawn and dusk low on the horizon below the constellation of the Steed. She is considered an enemy of Ebonarm and Nocturnal.

What powers does Nocturnal give you Skyrim?

Represented by a half moon, the Agent of Subterfuge gains the power “Nightingale Subterfuge“, which allows the Dragonborn to cloud the judgment of an NPC for 30 seconds, causing them to fight on the Dragonborn’s side.

What are the three Nightingale powers?


  • Agent of Stealth (crescent moon)
  • Agent of Subterfuge (half moon)
  • Agent of Strife (full moon)

Who are the Daedra based on?

While some Daedric Princes, alongside several of the Nine Divines, draw inspiration from the gods of Greek, Roman, and Norse pantheons, many are much harder to find a real-world connection to. Some are either very loosely based on real-world mythology or are an amalgamation of several beings.

Are the Nightingale weapons good?

With some of the highest base damage in the game and a powerful damaging enchantment, the Nightingale Bow is one of the best bows available to the Dovahkiin.

How do you join the Nightingales?

The ceremony to become a Nightingale is pretty straightforward. Stand on an empty glyph symbol alongside Karliah and Brynjolf while Nocturnal speaks and allows you to become a Nightingale.

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