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Can you buy a pet in Mass Effect 2?

Best Answer:

The only pet available is a Prejek Paddle Fish. It can be purchased for 8,000 credits, or 6,666 credits with a store discount.


Where to buy stuff Mass Effect 2?

Shopping and Store Guide

  • Citadel Stores. Citadel Souvenirs. Zakera Cafe Rodam Expeditions. Sirta Foundation.
  • Omega Stores. Omega Market. Harrot’s Emporium. Kenn’s Salvage.
  • Illium Stores. Serrice Technology. Gateway Personal Defense. Memories of Illium. Baria Frontiers.
  • Tuchanka Stores. Ratch’s Wares. Fortack’s Database.

When to buy fish Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2

After each new squadmate is recruited, a new option to flirt with Kelly Chambers will be available. If this is done often enough and she has been invited to dinner (the earliest possible opportunity is just before the mission to Horizon), the option to have her feed the fish will become available.

How do you get a pet Varren?

While on Tuchanka in Mass Effect 2, Shepard can pet and befriend a varren. If they feed him pyjack meat, he will follow them around Urdnot encampment.

What is the best gun in ME2?

Best heavy weapon in ME2

The Collector Particle Beam is an almost absurdly powerful heavy weapon. Its precision, ammo capacity, and range are through the roof; it’s strong against enemy shields and barriers; and it doesn’t deal friendly fire damage, allowing you to use it at close range with your squad around you.

How do I get Kelly to feed my fish?

You have to flirt with her to the point when you can suggest having dinner with her. After having dinner with Kelly, and granted you have fish in your aquarium, she will offer to take care of them. This will also be required for her to even make an appearance in ME3.

Can I buy more fish Mass Effect 2?

Caring for the fish

If the fish are not fed between every mission and assignment, they will die. If they die though, players can revisit the shops and just purchase them again. To do that though, they need to make sure they clean out the dead fish from the tank first.

Should you open the Krogan tank in Mass Effect 2?

While it is certainly possible to complete the title without his assistance, Grunt is a solid companion in Mass Effect 2, and setting him free is definitely recommended.

Does Urz always win?

Urz was a former champion pit fighter, and as such he has a high probability of winning and a corresponding higher bet: 500 credits instead of 250.

How do you get an Achatemeow pet?

It’s super straightforward – just chat to Achatemeow and exhaust all the options. Then, pay Blueberry another visit, who will ask you to open the jar again. Now you’ll be able to see the pet in action as they’ll automatically loot everything. Afterwards, do another check-in with Achatemeow and you’ll be all set.

How do you get a dog familiar?

Here are six tips on how to properly introduce your dog to a potential canine friend.

  1. Start in a calm, neutral environment.
  2. Use a familiar, well-behaved dog.
  3. Go slowly at first.
  4. Use plenty of positive reinforcement.
  5. Never use tight leashes or pull the dogs apart.
  6. Repeat the process as many times as necessary.

Can you have a pet Mara?

The Patagonian cavy is one of the more docile exotic pets. These large rodents are distantly related to guinea pigs and can be similarly kept in indoor cages, albeit much bigger, when not under supervision. Cavies are not noisy animals, they don’t mind being petted, and they can be quite affectionate with their owners.

Where can I buy a hamster in Mass Effect 2?

Citadel SouvenirsThe Space Hamster is a pet that you can purchase at Citadel Souvenirs. Once purchased it appears in the Captain’s Cabin of the Normandy SR-2 beside the entrance to the bathroom opposite your personal terminal.

What is the 3 3 dog rule?

Whether you rescue an older dog or a puppy, a lot of dogs tend to follow the 3-3-3 rule when getting acclimated: 3 days of feeling overwhelmed and nervous. 3 weeks of settling in. 3 months of building trust and bonding with you.

Can an Opposum be a pet?

Question: Can I keep an opossum as a pet? Answer: No. All wild animals belong in the wild. Give the opossum the chance to live the life nature intended…in the wild.

Can you keep a fennec as a pet?

Fennec foxes are occasionally kept as pets and behave a bit like active, playful small dogs. While they look like cute cuddly dogs, fennecs typically do not enjoy being handled let alone cuddled, and may bite if scared or nervous.

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Can you have a Timberwolf as a pet?

Some people have timber wolves in captivity as pets. Timber wolves living as pets still retain all of their natural born instincts.

Can you get pets Portia?

There are four known pets in the game: QQ the pig, Pinky the cat, Scraps the dog, and Yoyo the pangolin. They function similarly to human NPCs, but with fewer social options. Yoyo is a Kickstarter reward, only available to players who supported the Kickstarter. The player can socialize with them every day.

Where can I get a Chorban?

You’ll find Chorban not in his previous location in the Citadel Tower, but rather in the Lower Wards. The fastest way there is to use the Rapid Transit and take it to Chora’s Den: when you arrive, turn around and go through the door, and you’ll be in the Lower Wards with Chorban right ahead of you.

Who is the best companion in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2: 10 Best Squad Members, Ranked

  • 8 Mordin Solus.
  • 7 Tali’Zorah vas Neema.
  • 6 Thane Krios.
  • 5 Grunt.
  • 4 Kasumi Goto.
  • 3 Miranda Lawson.
  • 2 Garrus Vakarian.
  • 1 Jack.

Where do I get Colossus armor?

To get the armor as a reward, complete the mission in the Asgard system and make sure to find each of the three missing engineers. After finding them, report back to Simon Atwell and he will offer Shepard their choice of reward.

What is the best ME2 sniper?

The M-98 Widow is the most powerful and heaviest sniper rifle in Mass Effect 2. Originally used to take out armored vehicles and Krogans, the Widow is so powerful it wasn’t even designed with human snipers in mind.

Can Asari mate with krogan?

Additionally, pairings with krogan are not affected by the Genophage. As such, pairings with asari are sometimes seen as a way for a krogan to circumvent the Genophage and have children of their own. The drawback to the asari means of reproduction are the Ardat-Yakshi.

How do you get a varren in Mass Effect 2?

Mass Effect 2

Aside from being a common enemy found throughout Shepard’s travels, a single varren, Urz, can be found standing patiently next to Ratch on Tuchanka. Shepard is allowed to pet the varren, who responds in a surprisingly tame and almost dog-like manner.

What is the max money in Mass Effect 1?

9,999,999 creditsIn Mass Effect, Commander Shepard is limited to a maximum of 9,999,999 credits. After this cap is reached, no monetary rewards for completed missions/assignments will be given. Any items sold to merchants will also effectively be given away for free.

What happens if you punch the Pyjak?

That pyjak will grow up to become your dark cyber ninja rival, annoying you at every opportunity for punching him in the face unprovoked like that. You probably played the pyjak-killing mini game too, you monster. You may find you’ll have trouble winning the trust of the pyjak empire when you need it in ME3.

How do you get a pet Grimdawn?

Pets can be obtained from Mastery, Devotion and Item Skills, and can be permanent or have a temporary life span. Occultist, Shaman and Necromancer masteries all have pet skills. Cosmetic pets also exist in game, but only a total of 3 can be out at any time.

How do you get a pet in hybrid animals?

The traditional way of obtaining a pet is through a Companion Egg, which can be either bought from the Mutant Market for five (5) gems or fused from an Egg Fuser.

How do you unlock pets across the obelisk?

This Pet unlock requires you to choose Velkarath as their Act 2 and Aquarfall Marsh as your Act 3. In Velkarath, head to the Harpy Nest “The Harpy Matriarch” Map Node. In this event, choose the [Combat] option and defeat the Harpy Matriarch, with the Harpy Egg being added to the party’s inventory once she’s defeated.

How do you get a dog for the first time?

How to Get Your First Dog

  1. 01 of 06. Make Sure You’re Ready to Get a Dog. Hero Images/Getty Images.
  2. 02 of 06. Decide What Kind of Dog is Right for You.
  3. 03 of 06. Consider Adopting a Dog.
  4. 04 of 06. Meet Dogs for Adoption.
  5. 05 of 06. Find a Responsible Dog Breeder.
  6. 06 of 06. Avoid the Wrong Places to Look for a Dog.
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Should I get a third dog?

A third dog can be helpful in terms of security. With three dogs in the family, you’ll never have to worry about being home alone again. And depending on the size and breed of the third dog, they could also serve as an effective deterrent against would-be burglars.

Who should I bring to get Jack ME2?

Zaeed is a good choice to bring with you, but if you don’t have him, go with Grunt. All we know is that the convict in question is a human named Jack, and that they’re an incredibly powerful biotics user — perhaps the strongest human biotic ever.

Can you date Kelly in Mass Effect 2?

Romancing Kelly Chambers in Mass Effect 2. Kelly is a romance option for both male and female Shepards. Her romance mechanics are unique as she doesn’t interfere or otherwise clash with pursing other lovers, including maintaining old flames like Liara, Kaidan, and Ashley.

Can you romance Kelly and Liara in Mass Effect 2?

Can You Romance Liara in Mass Effect 2? Yes, Liara can be romanced in Mass Effect 2 to experience a complete relationship with her throughout the whole Legendary Edition trilogy. However, these extended romantic scenes are not available in the main game.

What happens if you have dinner with Kelly?

Pick “Let’s have dinner” to initiate the dinner scene (which you don’t get to see). Talk to Kelly again after the dinner, and you can accept her offer to look after your fish for you, meaning you no longer have to manually feed them after every Mission / Assignment.

Who to give forged ID to Mass Effect 2?

the AsariWhen the Asari tells you than she can’t travel freely, you can inform her that you’ve found some forged IDs. Upon handing them over to the Asari, they can now travel unabated, and in return, you’ll get Renegade points.

Where to buy fish on the Citadel?

Citadel SouvenirsIn fact, the Presidium Groundskeeper will go as far as to report to you that the only place he knows of that you can get any sort of fresh fish in the entire Citadel is back at Citadel Souvenirs, which is coincidentally (and conveniently) located near the Krogans’ static location.

Can you save the Batarians Mass Effect 2?

You can choose to try and save the Batarian colonists by warning them about the danger or save yourself on the Normandy. This decision doesn’t make a difference to the mission results.

Is Grunt Shepard’s son?

Grunt is totally Shepard’s son. step-dad Garrus.

Why is Grunt The Perfect krogan?

Grunt is a genetically engineered krogan super soldier. Bred and educated in a tank, he was intended to exemplify the best traits of the krogan, and help reinvigorate his species. In the meantime, he fights alongside Commander Shepard to satisfy his natural desire for violence.

Who is Shepard’s best friend?

Mass Effect 2’s Kasumi was always supposed to be Shepard’s best friend on the Normandy.

How do you get the Rodan armor?

The General Radahn Set is a complete set of Attire that can be purchased from Finger Reader Enia in Roundtable Hold after defeating Starscourge Radahn (Southeastern Caelid) for 8,000 Runes. This set includes Radahn’s Redmane Helm, Radahn’s Lion Armor, Radahn’s Gauntlets, and Radahn’s Greaves.

What is the best human Armour Mass Effect?

Colossus Armor has the highest damage protection of all armors. It is considered one of the top two armors attainable without console commands, the other being Predator L/M/H Armor. Colossus Armor has lower shields and tech/biotic resistance than Predator L/M/H Armor, but higher damage protection.

What armor is best for fortitude?

Best Socketed Base Items for Fortitude

  • Non-strength-focused class/specs: Elite Dusk Shroud, Wyrmhide, Scarab Husk, Wire Fleece, Great Hauberk, Archon Plate.
  • Strength-focused classes/specs: Any Elite armor, though perhaps avoiding Loricated Mail, Hellforge Plate, and Shadow Plate.

Is the widow better than the Viper Mass Effect 2?

The Widow does 368 damage per shot vs the Viper’s 82, roughly 4.5 times as much damage. The Viper has a little more than 4.5 times as much ammo as the Widow, and it’s not uncommon to get a dozen rounds from a single thermal clip, making the Widow more ammo efficient but lower damage per shot.

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Is the mantis better than the widow me2?

The Widow is a direct upgrade of the Mantis sniper rifle as it deals more damage per shot and has a higher spare ammo capacity. With all damage bonuses and upgrades the Widow is devastating when combined with the Soldier’s Heightened Adrenaline Rush.

Why is Tali the best?

Tali’s romance is beloved by many fans, for good reason. A witty, intelligent woman, Tali is more than a match for any Commander that the player decides to roleplay.

What is the best armor in Mass Effect 2?

Best armor set in ME2

The Kestrel Armor (originally part of the Aegis Pack DLC) has one evident major benefit over other sets in the game: it provides multiple effects when equipped. While other armor sets and pieces tend to focus on boosting one specific area, the Kestrel Armor is a good all-rounder.

What is max level in ME2?

As both Mass Effect 2 and 3 already had level caps of 30, this primarily affects the level cap in Mass Effect 1. Previously, Mass Effect’s max level went up to 60 but was only achievable in a New Game Plus run.

What happens if you accidentally raise a wolf?

New research published today in Royal Society Open Science shows that wolf puppies, when raised by humans, display signs of both attachment and affection towards their owners, and that these feelings last into adulthood.

How do you get llama Portia?

To catch Colorful Llamas, a Trap Box must be placed in the capture area behind the player’s yard near a herd of wild llamas and baited with 3 Lettuce and 1 Cumin.

Can you have a pet Mara?

The Patagonian cavy is one of the more docile exotic pets. These large rodents are distantly related to guinea pigs and can be similarly kept in indoor cages, albeit much bigger, when not under supervision. Cavies are not noisy animals, they don’t mind being petted, and they can be quite affectionate with their owners.

How do I get the pet quest?

Unlock a pet – Learning About Pets quest

  1. Speak with Blueberry.
  2. Open the jar filled with rice and grains beside her.
  3. Pick up the scattered rice and speak with Blueberry.
  4. Speak with Redberry.
  5. Speak with Working Achatemeow.
  6. Accept the reward.
  7. Open your Inventory, right-click the pet to register it.

Where can I find Jahleed in Mass Effect?

Finding Jahleed

Jahleed can be found in the C-Sec offices. From the elevator to the docking bay, head left, and he is in the small cove with the tree talking to a C-Sec Officer. Walk up to the volus and accept his assignment.

Should I scan for Chorban?

Walkthrough. Approach each of the keepers on the Citadel and scan them. You will receive credits and XP for each keeper scanned and a bonus after you have scanned all 21 keepers. You do not need to report back to Chorban.

Is it worth scanning all the keepers?

If you do scan all the Keepers and then carry your progress into Mass Effect 2, your perseverance will pay off when you receive a private message from Chorban about it. He’ll express his fears about the Keepers, but you’ll already know the truth about them by then!

Can you romance more than 1 in Mass Effect 2?

The Romance options available for a Male and Female Shepard are different: three bisexual “flings” are available to both, while three Serious Romances are exclusive to one or the other.

Who is the least favorite Mass Effect characters?

Kaiden Alenko is the least popular squadmate of the entire Mass Effect trilogy, and BioWare has the player data to prove it. According to official data taken from Mass Effect Legendary Edition, poor Kaiden was apparently voted as the worst the Normandy has to offer.

Can you have a 100% wolf as a pet?

No, not in the United States. Although there are people that have a special license to have wolves, there are many requirements to have them. You cannot have them as pets as it would put you and everyone else around in danger.

Can I get a wolf hybrid as a pet?

Generally speaking, it is legal to own a wolf dog, however, some states have specific laws and restrictions about owning a wolf dog. In some states, hybrids are classified as wild animals and owners are required to possess the same type of permits and caging as for a wild wolf.

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