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Can I just collect Pokemon cards?

Best Answer:

Trading cards often have dual purposes and for Pokemon cards, you can either collect the cards for the fun of hunting them down or you can collect them so you can play the Pokemon Trading Card Game.


Where should I start collecting Pokemon cards?

Elite Trainer Boxes ETBs are the classic starter option! They contain 8 booster packs a set of card sleeves, damage counters and morel! This all comes in a durable box, which can be used to store your cards! The box offers a great mid-way point for those interested in being a player and a collector.

Which Pokemon cards are worth collecting?

The Gold Star Pokemon cards are one of the most valuable Pokemon sets ever produced, with Espeon and Umbreon two of the rarest cards in the set. Gold Star Pokemon cards are among the most valuable sets of Pokemon cards in existence and command an incredibly high value as a result.

How do you start collecting Pokemon cards for beginners?

The most cost-effective way of getting into Pokemon cards, is collecting single ungraded cards, and building binder sets. Anything to do with grading costs money. Whether it’s getting your cards graded, or buying graded cards, you’ll be paying a premium for the score it gets.

Are Pokemon cards hard to find right now?

Fueled by the pandemic, there is in fact a Pokemon card shortage as many clamor to sell their cards on eBay. The demand is so great, in fact, that major retailers have halted their sales of the trading card game for fear of the safety of their staff.

Will Pokemon cards go up in value in 10 years?

True collectibles are guaranteed to increase in value

Pokemon cards are collectibles, and many sets went out of print years ago. The inherently limited supply of each card type means that as time goes on and cards become more difficult to obtain, the value will steadily increase.

Should I open my Pokemon cards?

Opening packs from the same box makes it more likely to get a variety of cards. Out of your 36 rares, it is normal to get at least 20 different rare cards in an individual box. You are also likely to end up with 1-2 of every uncommon card and 2-3 of most common cards in the set!

What Pokemon card is worth $5000?

The Gold Star Espeon Card

These cards are extremely rare, and this particular one is estimated to be worth $5,000.

Is it too late to start collecting Pokemon cards?

Yes, it’s never too late to start! Especially if it’s just for fun / nostalgia! If you are interested in getting more competitive, it can be a pricey. Building top tier decks can cost in the $100-$300 range.

How can you tell if a Pokemon card is rare?

The black symbol in the bottom corner of a Pokemon card denotes its rarity: a circle is common, a diamond is uncommon, and a star is rare. Traditionally the star is black, but a card with a star of an alternate color such as white or gold means it’s ultra rare.

What to know before buying Pokemon cards?

How can you tell if a Pokemon card is rare? A tiny symbol on the bottom right-hand corner will let you know the rarity of a card. A circle on your card means it’s common, a diamond indicates that your card is uncommon, and a star means it’s rare. For example, hologram cards will always have stars on them.

What is the rarest Pokemon card to buy?

For many collectors, the Pikachu Illustrator card is seen as the rarest Pokemon card in the entire hobby and now has the price to back that up.

Are Pokemon cards a good investment?

Most Pokemon cards aren’t very valuable and don’t make for great investments.

What should I buy to start a Pokemon deck?

Getting Started with Physical Cards

  1. 60 Pokemon card deck.
  2. 1 metallic coin.
  3. Playmat and rulesheet.
  4. 1 code card to play the deck online.
  5. 1 deck box.
  6. Damage counters.
  7. 1 card checklist (not shown)

What are the top 5 rarest Pokemon cards?

Top 5 Rarest Pokemon Cards – Ranked

  • Pikachu Illustrator.
  • Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Galaxy Star Hologram.
  • 1999 Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer.
  • 2006 Pokemon World Championships Promo No. 2 Trainer.

How much is Charizard worth?

Out of all of the shining Pokemon cards, Charizard is by far the most valuable. A first-edition version of the card in mint condition has even sold for $15,500!

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What is the number 1 Pokemon card?

1 Mega Mewtwo EX

Mewtwo is one of the strongest Pokemon, so it’s no surprise it’s also the strongest card in the TCG. The Mega Mewtwo EX card has 10+ Physic Infinity, meaning that this attack does 30 more damage times the amount of energy attached to both active Pokemon.

Where is the best place to find Pokemon cards?

  • Retail stores like Target, Walmart, and GameStop are great for fans just starting out.
  • Get them right from the source at the Pokemon Center.
  • eBay and Mercari offer tons of listings with money-back guarantees.
  • Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist offer local ways to pick up Pokemon cards for sale.

Do expensive Pokemon cards actually sell?

In recent years, a few have sold for between $100,000 and $375,000. Gem mint 10 (aka perfect condition) first edition holographic Charizards from the 1999 base set are nearly as valuable. They have sold for as much as $369,000 at auction. Most recently, the card sold for $270,600, according to the PSA.

Do Pokemon cards ever lose value?

Pokemon cards only hold their value if they remain in 100% pristine condition. If a PSA 10 Charizard drops to PSA 9 while it’s in your possession, it loses 80% of its value.

Is it hard to find rare Pokemon cards?

If you end up with one of these cards in your collection, you can be sure that you have found something rare as they are one of the hardest cards to find. Some people can sell rainbow rare cards for thousands of dollars, so if you are considering becoming a seller, this is good to know!

What Pokemon cards to buy 2022?

Best Pokemon Cards Released In 2022 (So Far)

  1. 1 Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR (Astral Radiance, $15)
  2. 2 Arceus VSTAR (Brilliant Stars, $30) …
  3. 3 Giratina VSTAR (Lost Origin, $45) …
  4. 4 Zamazenta V (Brilliant Stars, $15) …
  5. 5 Hisuian Decidueye VSTAR (Astral Radiance, $10) …
  6. 6 Mewtwo VSTAR (Pokemon GO, $30) …

Should I keep or sell my Pokemon cards?

Should I keep my old Pokemon cards? It depends on what cards they are. Most cards aren’t worth much, and never will be. In Pokemon especially, old cards have been power-crept out of the game, so they’re only valuable as collectors items.

What are the 3 rarest Pokemon cards?

Here are some of the rarest and most expensive Pokemon cards, according to Dicebreaker:

  1. Pikachu Illustrator.
  2. 1999 First Edition Shadowless Holographic Charizard #4.
  3. Pokemon Blastoise #009/165R Commissioned Presentation Galaxy Star Hologram.

What Pokemon card cost $1000000?

The highlight of this collection is a rare card that was only sold in Japan and only one of four in existence: a Pokemon Illustrator card valued at more than $1 million.

What is the oldest Pokemon card ever?

Charizard cardThe first Pokemon card ever made was a Charizard card. It was first released on October 20, 1996. The Pokemon Trading Card Game was first published in October 1996 by Media Factory in Japan. The first US version of the game was published in December 1998.

How long do Pokemon cards stay legal?

The Expanded format will remain unchanged, maintaining the Black & White Series and forward. Players should double-check what format is being used before choosing a deck to bring to their events. Just like the Standard format, new expansions become legal for tournament play two weeks after release.

Do you always keep 7 cards in Pokemon?

Each player may have up to 5 Pokemon on the Bench at any one time. Any Pokemon in play other than the Active Pokemon must be put on the Bench. Each player draws 7 cards at the beginning of the game and keeps their own hand hidden. Cards you draw go into your hand.

What is the rarest Pokemon card color?

Common cards have a black circle. Uncommon cards have a black diamond. Rare cards have a black star. Rare Holo cards have a black star and a “shiny” (foil) illustration.

What 2022 Pokemon cards are worth money?

The 10 Most Expensive Pokemon Cards of 2022

  1. #1 Giratina V (Alternate Full Art)
  2. #2 Lugia V (Alternate Full Art) …
  3. #3 Charizard V (Alternate Full Art) …
  4. #4 Aerodactyl V (Alternate Full Art) …
  5. #5 Machamp V (Alternate Full Art) …
  6. #6 Charizard VSTAR (Secret) …
  7. #7 Origin Forme Palkia V (Alternate Full Art) …
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What are the 11 types of Pokemon cards?

Pokemon Types in the TCG include Fire, Fighting, Dragon, Lightning, Grass, Water, Fairy, Psychic, Darkness, Metal, and Colorless.

Where to find cheap Pokemon cards?

Mainstream sites such as Amazon and eBay offer job lots containing hundreds of common Pokemon cards for a low price, as collectors look to offload less valuable cards or clear room for the next big release.

What is the rarest Pokemon ever?

At the time of writing, Salandit and Salazzle are two of the rarest Pokemon in the game. If you want to add their entries to your Pokedex, your quest begins by hatching a Salandit from a 12km egg – the only way to currently obtain one.

What is the weakest Pokemon card?

Statistically, Sunkern is the weakest Pokemon with a base stat total of only 180. By that measure, the strongest Pokemon card is Arceus with a base stat total of 720.

What is the best way to get rare Pokemon cards?

Purchase booster boxes.

Buying a box is the most efficient way of obtaining a large amount of cards, and many retailers will offer a small discount for purchasing a box. Note that you will at least receive 36 rare cards by purchasing a box, and usually more than that.

What are the odds of pulling a Pokemon card?

These are the most common type of Trainer Gallery card.

  • Odds of opening a non-V Pokemon card: 1 in 12.
  • Odds of opening a specific non-V Pokemon card: 1 in 133.

What is the coolest looking Pokemon card ever?

15 Pokemon Cards With Gorgeous Artwork

  1. 1 Hypno (XY-BREAKpoint)
  2. 2 Charizard (Sun and Moon: Team-Up) …
  3. 3 Mewtwo & Mew GX Full Art Tag Team (Unified Minds Promo) …
  4. 4 Umbreon (Neo Discovery) …
  5. 5 Gyarados (Ancient Origins Promo) …
  6. 6 Dragonite (Diamond & Pearl-Legends Awakened) …
  7. 7 Zoroark (XY-BREAKthrough) …

What Pokemon cards sell $900000?

A near-mint condition vintage gaming card was sold for $900,000. The Pocket Monsters Japanese promo “Illustrator” holographic Pikachu card was created in 1998 and was only released in Japan.

Do you start with 6 or 7 cards Pokemon?

At the beginning of each game, you draw 7 cards. This is known as your starting hand. From your starting hand, you’ll put a basic Pokemon into your active Pokemon spot and up to five onto your bench. Note, all of these Pokemon are placed face down.

What should I do with Pokemon cards I don’t want?

Sell your unwanted Pokemon cards to CCG Castle!

In top right corner you will find a special Buy List Cart that summarizes what you want to sell, and gives you a payout total. Then, simply follow the instructions and send the cards to us! To sell to us, you first need to create an account, which is very simple!

What is the richest Pokemon card?

Espeon is the most valuable of all the Gold Star cards as it was awarded to players that met certain criteria and were distributed to them by the Pokemon Players Club.

Are cheap Pokemon cards fake?

Often, fake booster packs are very difficult to discern from the real ones. As a general rule, if the price of a pack seems too good to be true, it probably is. Pokemon TCG cards are produced from the highest-quality materials to ensure a positive experience for the player and collector alike.

Does Dollar General have Pokemon cards?

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Does CVS sell real Pokemon cards?

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How do you know if a Pokemon card is rare 2022?

A circle on the lower right corner means it’s a Common card, a diamond means it’s an Uncommon card, a star means it’s a rare card, and a star with the word “Promo” on top means it’s a special promotional card.

Who owns the most expensive Pokemon card?

Congratulations to @LoganPaul on achieving his first Guinness World Records title! His PSA 10 Pikachu Illustrator is the most expensive Pokemon card sold in a private auction – $5,275,000 Read more:…

Why are people buying Pokemon cards?

They’re A Great Investment For Kids

They can be bought for cheap and sold at a higher price. Due to the rarity of some cards, collectors can make a pretty penny should they have one or more of them in their collection. A part of the appeal is the nostalgia that these cards carry with them.

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Are Pokemon card prices rising?

The bitter part is that the booster pack price will be going up from $3.99 to $4.49, a move The Pokemon Company attributes to global inflation impacting the cost of materials and production. Other products may also cost more going forward.

How to get rare Pokemon?

In this article, we’ll review a few tips and tricks that will help you to find the rare and legendary Pokemon you seek.

  1. Get Moving.
  2. Head to Landmarks.
  3. Raise Your Trainer Level.
  4. Use common Poke-sense.
  5. Seek Out Nest Rotations.

Which Pokemon card sets are worth buying?

10 Best Pokemon Booster Boxes & Elite Trainer Boxes to Buy 2023

  • 2022 Charizard Ultra Premium Collection Box.
  • 2022 Pokemon GO Set.
  • Pokemon Celebrations 25th Anniversary Set.
  • 1999 Pokemon Base Set Booster Box.
  • 2019 Sun & Moon Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes.
  • 2016 XY Evolutions Booster Boxes.

What Pokemon cards are a good investment?

Some of the best cards to invest in are the Pokemon Celebrations Shiny Mew Gold Holo, Shining Fates #107 Shiny Charizard VMAX, 2006 Arcanine ex Legend Maker, Pokemon Promo Card Ash’s Pikachu SM108, Trainer Lillie Full Art Ultra Prism, Pokemon POP Series 5 Espeon Gold Star and Shadowless First Edition Charizard.

What Pokemon cards should I buy for beginners?

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to try the Pokemon TCG, we recommend buying a couple of theme decks. These are pre-constructed, ready-to-play decks that allow anyone to start playing right away. While theme decks are incredibly convenient, they are only the beginning of what is available to play the game.

How do you make money with Pokemon cards?

Go to a store.

Find a store that specializes in trading card games. Bring your well preserved cards and see how much they’ll pay you for them. Be sure to know the value of your cards and how much you’ll accept for them before doing business. Call ahead to make sure the store accepts Pokemon cards.

How to check Pokemon card value?

The easiest way to get an estimate of the value of Pokemon cards is to see how much they are currently going for on the Pokemon TCG marketplace. Reliable websites include and, which are also where collectors can put their cards up for sale should they choose to part ways with them.

What is the 2 rarest Pokemon card?

The Espeon and Umbreon cards are even more rare than other Gold Star cards though. These cards are so rare because originally the Espeon and Umbreon cards were only given out to members of the Pokemon Players Club who had managed to save up 70,000 points!

How much did Logan Paul spend on Charizard?

YouTuber-turned-boxer Logan Paul travelled the world and spent $5,275,000 to pick up the rarest Pokemon card in existence.

How can you tell if a Pokemon card is rare?

The black symbol in the bottom corner of a Pokemon card denotes its rarity: a circle is common, a diamond is uncommon, and a star is rare. Traditionally the star is black, but a card with a star of an alternate color such as white or gold means it’s ultra rare.

What is the million dollar Charizard?

At the PWCC March Premiere Auction, a 1999 Charizard Pokemon card just sold for a record-breaking $420,000, the most a Charizard has ever sold for, and the third highest for any Pokemon card of all time. Why so much? Well, this was a special one, it seems. The most special, in fact.

Are all 1999 Pokemon cards 1st Edition?

When the Pokemon trading card game was introduced in the US in 1999, the first print run of the first set, which is known as the Base Set, included a “First Edition” symbol on every card. On cards featuring Pokemon, the symbol is found on the left side of the card midway between the card’s top and bottom.

What Pokemon set has 97 cards?

EX DragonEX Dragon. EX Dragon, released in November 2003, is the 19th set of cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the 3rd set released by Pokemon USA. The set’s symbol is a crosshair. This set numbers up to 97 cards, but there are 100 with the 3 secret cards, and its main emphasis is Dragon Pokemon.

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