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How do you beat Pelagius mind?

Best Answer:

To do this fire the Wabbajack at him, then a wolf will appear, shoot the wolf and it turns to a sheep, then shoot Pelagius again. Repeat this as different enemies appear, until he awakens.


What can you do with Wabbajack?

She uses the word Wabbajack as a verb, and the only Wabbajack effect is to transform her into a rabbit. The Wabbajack has a higher chance of instantly killing or turning dwarven centurions into sweetrolls.

How do I convince Sheogorath to leave?

To convince Sheogorath to leave, the Dragonborn must agree to “treat” the mind of the mad king by using Wabbajack in three different scenarios: helping a young Pelagius with his night terrors, improving his self-esteem and dealing with his overbearing mother.

How do you get the Wabbajack walkthrough in Skyrim?

The Wabbajack is given to Skyrim players after completing Sheogorath’s quest “The Mind of Madness.” Players must start this questline by speaking with Dervenin in Solitude, not to be confused with Dravin on Merryfair Farm. Dervenin can be found wandering around the city.

What happens when you use the Wabbajack on the madwoman?

The Wabbajack is capable of transforming Skyrim’s NPCs into many different forms, but it has been confirmed that the Madwoman will only ever turn into a rabbit, suggesting that the quest ensures which form she takes from being hit.

Do I give the Sword of Jyggalag?

The Sword of Jyggalag is an artifact associated with Jyggalag, the Daedric Prince of Order. It can be found in the Solitude Sewers at the end of the related quest, and can be given to Staada as part of her quest.

What happens if you give Staada the Sheogorath-Shaped Amber?

During Staada’s quest in the Saints & Seducers questline, Skyrim players may choose to give her the Sheogorath-Shaped Amber. By doing so, the player will receive Skyrim’s Sword of Jyggalag item in exchange. However, there’s also the option to keep both at the price of fighting Staada.

Should I keep Sheogorath-Shaped Amber?

It is advised to keep the Sheogorath-Shaped Amber cause it can be used to create the Spell Tome: Conjure Staada; but no matter what choice you make, replica recipes for all four items will unlock after completing the quest. Giving up the Amber or the Sword is the only way to acquire the original Helmet.

Is the ebony warrior a Dragonborn?

The Ebony Warrior is a level 80 only quest in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC.

How do I get Sam Guevenne to appear?

Sam appears in the tavern of the town closest to the Dragonborn upon reaching level 14, where he challenges the Dragonborn to adrinking competition. Accept his challenge and he offers a staff as a reward.

What happens if you use the Wabbajack on a dragon?

When used on dragons, essential NPCs, giants or dead thralls, it will exclusively cause elemental explosions. The Wabbajack can be a useful tool against strong opponents due to its range of debilitating and/or instantly fatal effects.

How much damage does the Wabbajack do?


Type Staff
Weight 10
Value 1565
Damage 27
Effects Unpredictable

How do I refill my Wabbajack?

You can recharge the Wabbajack as with any other enchanted weapons or staffs. You need a filled soul gem in your inventory. Go to the inventory menu, scroll down to the Wabbajack, select “Recharge”, and select a filled soul gem.

Does the Wabbajack work on Miraak?

Miraak is immune to the Wabbajack (with the exception of its damage spells), Mehrunes’ Razor, Bend Will, Mora’s Grasp, paralysis (magical or otherwise), decapitation, reanimation, Apocrypha tentacles and any effect that would normally “ragdoll” an NPC (Unrelenting Force, shield charge, etc) will only stagger him …

Are madness weapons Good Skyrim?

Madness weapons are better than dragonbone weapons, but are slightly heavier. Crit. †Recipe creates 24 Madness Arrows for the raw materials values.

Can you improve Madness armor?

Don’t forget to use one of Skyrim’s Fortfy Smithing potions to make your Madness armor creations even better! By the time players reach the point where they know how to use Madness Ore to craft Madness armor in Skyrim, it’s likely they will have a stockpile of both leather strips and Ebony.

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Is Madness the best in Skyrim?

Madness weapons are superior to Skyrim’s Dragonbone weapons, but also slightly heavier. Similarly, Madness armor offers more protection than Daedric armor, but again with the cost of increased weight. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Anniversary Edition is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One and Series X|S.

What is the crazy guy in Skyrim?

9 Sheogorath

What would a list of weird Skyrim characters be without the Daedric Prince of Madness? Sheogorath may be the most insane character in a video game, by definition. This Deadric Prince was the god of order before becoming an inverted form of his original self.

Can you add mods to Wabbajack?

Wabbajack is an automated Modlist Installer that can reproduce an entire modding setup on another machine without bundling any assets or re-distributing any mods.

Can you use Wabbajack without premium?

Motivation. Without a premium Nexus account, you have to manually click on a download button every time a new mod is added to the queue. Since modlists often have hundreds of mods, this is time consuming. Wabbajack Autodownload is a macro automates clicking on the download button for you.

Can you use the Wabbajack on alduin?

Yes. However, only its fire, frost or lightning damage effects will trigger.

Does the Wabbajack work on the ebony warrior?

Defeating The Ebony Warrior

He’s not only immune to the Wabbajack, but multiple shouts also have no effect on him.

What happens if you give the Sword of Jyggalag?

After choosing to give Staada the Sword of Jyggalag, you can exit the conversation and drop the sword before it is removed from your inventory. You will still receive the helmet and can pick up the sword again to repeat the glitch.

Can you turn into a dragon in Skyrim?

The player character in Skyrim has always been the Dragonborn, but they could never actually become a dragon. The mod known as Feral Dragon Avatar has now made this a reality by adding a shout that transforms you into one of several different weredragon forms.

Who is the hardest enemy in Skyrim?

Karstaag is the undisputed toughest enemy in all of Skyrim. This optional frost troll boss has his level locked at 90, with absolutely no scaling. His health is 4000, and his regeneration rate is better than that of a normal troll.

What race is Miraak?

Nord10 Miraak Is A Nord

Miraak may be more powerful than the average man; however, he’s still mortal, and as such, he has a race from one of the ten races of Tamriel. Miraak is a Nord, and this doesn’t come as too much of a surprise since he served the dragons in ancient times.

How to marry Senna Skyrim?

To marry Senna in Skyrim, the player must complete The Heart of Dibella quest by either picking a door at the temple or by speaking to Degaine, the drunkard living in Markarth. She won’t be available as a follower, unfortunately.

What level should I be for a night to remember Skyrim?

LEVEL 14The quest, A Night To Remember, is part of a series of unrelated Daedric Quests and can be started at Whiterun or in any inn at a hold. The Sanguine Rose can be obtained through this quest. YOU MUST BE LEVEL 14 (the quest won’t start otherwise).

What time does Sam Guevenne spawn?

He shows up at the tavern closest to you at every increment of 14 levels.

Can you go back to pelagius mind?

After quest completion, you will be able to return to Pelagius’ Mind by equipping the Wabbajack and using Pelagius’ Hip Bone when in the Blue Palace or Pelagius Wing. To get back to the door of the Blue Palace, use the bedroll inside Pelagius’ Mind.

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Do I need to keep pelagius hip bone?

According to Dervenin, the bone is essential to gaining access to Sheogorath’s realm, hidden within the Pelagius Wing of the Blue Palace. The item is still kept after the quest is completed, and can be sold to merchants, or simply used as decoration.

Can you use vortex with Wabbajack?

Wabbajack uses the official Nexus API to retrieve download links from the Nexus. Mod Managers such as MO2 or Vortex also use this API to download files.

What is Jyggalag favor?

Jyggalag’s Favor is the name of the ingredient’s script, the effect of which is to give the player the Jyggalag’s Ascendancy ability (FormID 0004B083 ). The name that will appear in your active effects menu is Jyggalag’s Ascendancy.

Does the hero of Kvatch become a Daedric Prince?

The Hero of Kvatch also became involved with the Greymarch in the Shivering Isles which caused them to mantle Sheogorath, becoming the Daedric Prince of Madness.

Who is the Daedric Prince of Madness required?

Sheogorath is the Daedric Prince of Madness. 200 years ago, during the Shivering Isles expansion of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, he is actually the Daedric Prince of Order, cursed to live out his existence as his demented counterpart. Players would then have the opportunity to end his curse and become the new Sheogorath.

Can you improve Sword of Jyggalag?

However, Skyrim fans can instill their own enchantments to the sword at an Arcane Enchanter. Additionally, tempering Jyggalag’s blade requires an Ebony Ingot, and those with the Daedric Smithing perk can double the enhancements.

What do you get for completing unfathomable depths?

Ancient KnowledgeUpon completion you recieve an active effect called Ancient Knowledge. This gives you a 25% bonus when wearing Dwarven Armor and Blacksmithing increases 15% faster.

What does the ring of disrobing do?

The Ring of Disrobing is a ring with an amber gem, retrieved from the corpse of the madman Thoron. Its special effect removes your chest slot armor automatically.

Is Sheogorath the strongest Daedra?

Sheogorath can be considered the strongest Daedric Prince in The Elder Scrolls due to his insanity. His out-of-the-box thinking has allowed Sheogorath to best the likes of Hircine, Malacath, and Vaermina with ease.

Is Sheogorath a khajiit?

Sheogorath is one of the many prominent Daedric Princes in the culture of the Khajiit people. In the Khajiit myth of creation, Sheogorath is called “Sheggorath.” He is known as the Skooma Cat in Elsweyr.

How do I refill my Wabbajack?

You can recharge the Wabbajack as with any other enchanted weapons or staffs. You need a filled soul gem in your inventory. Go to the inventory menu, scroll down to the Wabbajack, select “Recharge”, and select a filled soul gem.

What magic is Alduin weak to?

Use frost magic.

If you have training in destruction magic, spells like ice spike and ice storm can do big damage to Alduin since he has a slight weakness to frost.

What is everything the Wabbajack can do?

A target struck by Wabbajack may recieve fire, ice, or shock damage, transfer some of their health to the user, be healed, become invisble, instantly die, or transfrom into a rabbit, chicken, mudcrab, hostile dremora, or occasionally a sweetroll or shower of gold coins with a spectre of the target next to them.

Can you tame Alduin?

Certain named Dragons cannot be tamed (Alduin, Sahloknir, Paarthurnax, Durnehviir, and the Skeletal Dragon in Labyrinthian). Odahviing can be tamed and ridden by traveling to the Throat of the World where he circles the summit.

Was Alduin the first dragon?

Alduin, also known as the World Eater, the First Dragon, and the Twilight God, is the main antagonist and final boss fight of the 2011 action role-playing high fantasy video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Who is the tallest NPC in Skyrim?

1 Altmer (High Elf)

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They tower over other races at a solid 1.08, or somewhere around 6’4″ (1.92 m).

How do you escape the mind of madness?

Once Pelagius leaves, talk to Sheogorath. He will tell the Dragonborn that the only way to leave Pelagius’ Mind is to “treat” it. Sheogorath gives the Dragonborn his Daedric artifact, the Wabbajack, to use to do this.

Is the Wabbajack a leveled item?

can i pick it up any time or is there a certain level that would be optimal? No.

Can I restart Wabbajack?

Simply restart Wabbajack, you will not lose progress on your downloads.

What is the most op item in Skyrim?

1 Auriel’s Bow

Thus, it’s no surprise that Auriel’s Bow is the most powerful weapon a player can find in Skyrim. Once wielded by the Elven god Auri-El himself, this bow deals 13 base damage with 20 points of sun damage stacked on top for 33 points of damage and has a faster rate of fire than the average bow.

Who is the god in Skyrim?

Akatosh represents the qualities of both endurance and invincibility, and is the patron god of the Empire. That said, many in Skyrim still worship him, as his worship is not exclusive to the Empire.

What is the rarest creature in Skyrim?

Here are the rarest creatures in Skyrim.

  1. 1 Dremora. Dremora are creatures from the Oblivion plane, and in Skyrim only appear when either summoned or encountered during a Daedric quest.
  2. 2 Wispmother.
  3. 3 Dragon Priest.
  4. 4 Dwarven Centurion.
  5. 5 Chaurus Hunter.
  6. 6 Hagraven.
  7. 7 Werewolf.
  8. 8 Spriggan.

What should you avoid in Skyrim?

Things Not to Do in Skyrim

  • Don’t Spread Your Skills Too Thin.
  • Never Steal From a Chicken.
  • Don’t Try to Murder Essential NPCs.
  • Resist the Urge to Pick Up Literally Everything.
  • Don’t Sell Enchanted Items.
  • Don’t Fight With the Guards.
  • Don’t Store Items in Places You Don’t Own.

What is the best Modpack for Skyrim SE on Wabbajack?

Skyrim Special Edition: 8 Best Modpacks On Wabbajack

  1. 1 Wildlander.
  2. 2 Living Skyrim.
  3. 3 Lost Legacy.
  4. 4 Path Of The Dovahkiin.
  5. 5 Aldrnari.
  6. 6 The Phoenix Flavour.
  7. 7 FAHDON.
  8. 8 Dragonborn A Streamlined Modlist.

Is Wabbajack permanent?

If the Wabbajack causes a target to turn into an item of food or other item, this effect, unlike the effect that turns enemies into animals, is permanent, meaning that characters and enemies cannot transform back to their original self if they were turned into, for example, a sweet roll.

What is the best Skyrim Wabbajack pack?

The best overall list: Septimus 3. Septimus, as a modlist, hits the sweet spot in almost all aspects. From Simonrim-based vanilla+ gameplay mechanics overhaul to a wide assortment of new quests and regions, Septimus covers almost all aspects of the game, running quite smoothly.

Can you Wabbajack a dragon?

Not really like the wiki pages trivia section says if you use it on a dragon or a giant you just get the basic destruction spell that only does damage, so no sweetrolls or chickens. There is actually an 8 second video on Youtube where the DB uses the Wabbajack on a Blood Dragon, and it turns into a rabbit.

What happens if you use the Wabbajack on a dragon?

When used on dragons, essential NPCs, giants or dead thralls, it will exclusively cause elemental explosions. The Wabbajack can be a useful tool against strong opponents due to its range of debilitating and/or instantly fatal effects.

What is the most op build in Skyrim?

Stealth ArcherStealth Archer is probably the most common and popular overpowered Skyrim character build. It revolves around utilizing the broken Sneak skill tree along with Archery in order to take down enemies stealthily. Most of the time, a Dragonborn using this build can go around one-shotting unaware opponents.

Is daedric or ebony better?

The Ebony set of weapons and armors are widely considered to be some of the best in the game, only being beaten out by the Dragonbone and Daedric sets in terms of popularity and weapon damage/absorption.

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