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Where does Karliah go Skyrim?

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

You should be teleported to her. She returns slowly (3-5 game days) to the Nightingale Hall, and can be found wandering around there. She usually frequents the front of the Hall, but can be found just about anywhere inside.


How do I start the Karliah quest?

To start this quest, head to The Ragged Flagon and talk with Karliah. She will tell you about plans to execute Mercer since he betrayed the Thieves Guild. Here you will learn about the Nightingales and she will tell you and Brynjolf to meet her at the Standing Stone, a large rock south of Riften.

Where does Karliah stay?

Once you’ve gained a copy of the translation from Calcelmo’s Tower, you are to return to Enthir and Karliah, who can now be found in the cellar of the Frozen Hearth.

Where do you first meet Karliah?

This is a simple quest that involves traveling to Snow Veil Sanctum, located north of Windhelm. Here, you will encounter Karliah, who is supposedly wanted for the murder of Gallus.

How do I start Saints seducers?

To begin, you need to talk to the traveling Khajiit Merchant Ri’saad, then read the note he gives you. Once read, this will begin the questline, “Balance of Power.” As Ri’saad is a traveling merchant, he changes locations frequently, so you have to locate him first.

Can Karliah become a follower?

Straight donations accepted. Upgrades Nightingale Hall into a more liveable and functional space and allows Karliah to become a follower.

How do I reset Karliah?

It is possible to re-enter the Dwemer Museum in Markarth. This will reset the previous quest; run all the way back up and get the translation off the stone in Calcelmo’s tower again, and return to the inn in Winterhold. The conversation with Karliah and Enthir should now be reset.

How does Karliah have purple eyes?

She’s addicted to the spice Melange, but because of dunmer’s red eyes, it makes her eyes look purple instead of blue.

Where is the nightingale hideout?

Nightingale Hall is a cave located in South Eastern Skyrim. You can find it by traveling South East of Riften.

Does Brynjolf become a nightingale?

Once you meet her at the Standing stone she discusses the Nightingales and takes you into the hall where she hops you and Brynjolf will become Nightingales. Once inside, activate the armor stone to receive the Nightingale Armor set.

What level should I be before I get Nightingale Armor?

Level 32Make sure not to start the quest at all until you reach Level 32, as the highest-level version of the Nightingale Armor only spawns after this point in a player’s progression.

How do I marry Karliah in Skyrim?

Then go to Nightingale Hall and speak with Karliah. She should have follower lines right away, for marriage lines you must be wearing an Amulet of Mara, like with any other regular candidate for marriage. Give her flowers and she will take off her hood.

Where do I meet Karliah after hard answers?

I found Karliah at the Snow Veil Sanctum, in the room where I got poisoned, stuck at the door at the top of the stairs. Just open the door exit and this should solve the problem.

What’s the best heavy armor in Skyrim?

The best Heavy Armor sets in Skyrim ranked

Armor Set Total Defense Weight
Daedric Armor 108 96
Stalhrim Armor 102 59
Dragonplate Armor 102 64
Ebony Armor* 96 62

Can you marry a Jarl in Skyrim?

I want to try out the marriage system in Skyrim, so who can you marry? No Jarls… Which means usurping the throne of Skyrim is a little more difficult than I’d anticipated..

Can you marry Vex in Skyrim?

Vex cant be married.

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Who is the best wife in Skyrim?

Aela The Huntress

Aela the Huntress is by far the most popular wife in Skyrim and the best wife to have if you want a woman to howl at the moon with. (Literally.) Found in Jorrvaskr, Aela is a Nord werewolf and a member of the Companions.

What kind of elf is Karliah?

Karliah is a Dark Elf thief and member of the Nightingales in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. She was in love with with Gallus, the leader of the Thieves Guild.

What quest is after Hard Answers?

The PursuitNow that ‘Hard Answers’ is complete, it’s time to head to the Ragged Flagon in Rifen and start the next quest, titled ‘The Pursuit‘.

How do I fix Nightingale Hall glitch?

Do this by opening the console menu again and type ” tcl” and hit enter. The console will say “collisions off” if you have done this correctly. Exit the console and walk through the gate, and once on the other side to turn collison back on enter “tcl” again and you will notice the “collisons on” message.

How to do the Nightingale quest in Skyrim?

Head to Riften in the bottom right-hand corner of the map, if fast traveling isn’t allowed because you haven’t traveled there, hire a carriage. Do any quest that stands in your way until you get to Brynjolf, from there on your character will get into the Thieves Guild. Do the Thieves Guild quests.

How do I start the restoring order quest?

With the second Saints camp down, take and read Kinthal’s journal. Or the equivalent if you took on the Seducers. This starts the next quest, Restoring Order, where you take on the wizard behind the bands of raiders in Solitude.

Why did Scott eyes turn red then yellow?

Scott’s eyes turn red because he is a “True Alpha” instead of a standard Alpha (who have yellow eyes on the show). As early as Teen Wolf season 1, Scott struggled to control the beast within him.

What are the three Nightingale powers?


  • Agent of Stealth (crescent moon)
  • Agent of Subterfuge (half moon)
  • Agent of Strife (full moon)

What level should I get the Nightingale Bow?

level 46The Nightingale Bow is a pretty unique weapon because it’s a leveled reward that has five different versions of it. To get its best version, the player should wait until level 46 or higher before completing the relevant Thieves Guild main quest called Blindsighted.

Why does Karliah walk away?

Karliah may be going to the exit instead of opening the door to the Nightingale contract. To repair this, use disable on the door, and use disable on Karliah and enable to fix her before using moveto player to teleport her to you. After that, use setstage tg08a 52 and they may walk to their own spots.

What happens if you pickpocket Brynjolf?

After Brynjolf informs you of his plan the player will receive a hidden effect increasing pickpocketing chance by 30%, which makes planting the ring significantly easier. If you are caught, Madesi’s Silver Ring can be found afterwards in the evidence chest in Riften Jail.

Will Brynjolf ever talk to me again?

He doesn’t talk to you after the main storyline. You have to completel the side quests that lead to city influence quests and complete them, and Brynjolf will talk to you again.

Can I betray Thieves Guild?

Although there’s a way to bring down the Dark Brotherhood, there is no similar quest or quest line to bring down the Thieves Guild. On the other hand, there’s no disadvantages for joining and completing the Thieves Guild quest line – only benefits, achievements, and advantages! Save this answer.

Is Nightingale Armor the best light armor?

The armor can be upgraded with Void Salts, and when the full set is worn it totals to an armor rating of 69, making the Nightingale light armor set one of the best light armor sets in Skyrim.

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What is the best armor in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 15 Best Armor Sets & How To Find Them

  1. 1 Daedric Armor. The highest-rated armor in all of the lands, though it comes with a complicated price.
  2. 2 Ahzidals Armor.
  3. 3 Deathbrand Armor.
  4. 4 Guild Master’s Armor.
  5. 5 Dragonplate Armor.
  6. 6 Falmer Heavy Armor.
  7. 7 Ancient Shrouded Armor.
  8. 8 Nightingale Armor.

Is Saints and Seducers free with Skyrim special edition?

For all Skyrim Special Edition owners, the free Saints and Seducers, Rare Curios, Fishing, and Survival Mode update is now available! Stadia will be dropped by Google in mid-January 2023.

Is Saints and Seducers a DLC?

Saints & Seducers adds new quests, enemies, gear, and much more to Skyrim. Players can begin the DLC by speaking to a particular Khajiit merchant.

Can you have 3 stewards in Skyrim?

Yes, this is completely possible. Every house can have their own steward, the only limitation is that a steward can not be used twice. So pick on of the 34 different options and give it a whirl! For more info: source.

Do housecarls get replaced?

Once your housecarl dies, they are dead. you have to become thane of another hold and buy a house in order to obtain another housecarl. but they will ONLY be a guard to the house in the hold you obtained them.

Can you be a nightingale and a vampire?

yes you can be both, only thing you cant be is a vampire and a werewolf at the same time other that ,yup you can be pretty much everything else 🙂 Actually you can. You just need to work for the Dawnguard and then ask Serana to turn you into a Vampire Lord.

How do you get Karliah out of Snow Veil Sanctum?

Go to an area far away from both Karliah and the quest destination, then rest for 30 days straight. This should reset the NPC and actually cause her to show up at the destination.

Does Nightingale Hall get repaired?

She will then attend your ceremony and return to Nightingale Hall, which will now be restored and upgraded[citation needed].

Is Karliah a septim?

Not only is there strong evidence that Karliah was directly descended from Tiber Septim (yeah, that Tiber Septim), but she could also very well be Dragonborn.

How old is Karliah?

That’s roughly 380 years. That makes me think that it is normal for Dunmer to be consided “adults” at such age. The fact that Gallus called Karliah “her little Nightingale” makes me think that Karliah herself was young for Dunmer standards, therefore making her about 200 y/o, yes.

How do I start the Karliah quest?

To start this quest, head to The Ragged Flagon and talk with Karliah. She will tell you about plans to execute Mercer since he betrayed the Thieves Guild. Here you will learn about the Nightingales and she will tell you and Brynjolf to meet her at the Standing Stone, a large rock south of Riften.

Can you get Nightingale armor without joining the Nightingale?

The Nightingale Armor can only be acquired by getting to the quest “Trinity Restored” in the Thieves Guild questline, the ninth Thieves Guild quest overall, where it is simply given to the player for becoming a member of the Nightingales.

Can you play Nightingale solo?

You can play Nightingale solo or with friends.

Where did Karliah go?

Blindsighted. Karliah and Brynjolf have traveled to Irkngthand in their pursuit of Mercer Frey.

How do I get to Karliah?

Make your way to Snow Veil Sanctum and have a chat with Mercer who is waiting outside. Mercer will inform you that Karliah is hold up inside Snow Veil Sanctum, so lead the way to the door, which Mercer will unlock, and head inside.

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Can you restore the thieves guild before the main quest?

Yes. In fact, if you re-establish the Guild in every major city, Brynjolf will tell you upon defeating Mercer and recovering the Skeleton Key that you’ll be Guildmaster as soon as you return the Key to Nocturnal.

What level is Thoron Skyrim?


Thoron (RefID: xx000C3D) (lore page)
Location Solitude Sewers
Race Breton Gender
Level PCx1.25 (range=26-100) Class
RefID xx000C3D BaseID

How do I get into the sewers Restoring Order in solitude?

You cannot enter the sewers until you have started that quest. Restoring Order is part of the Saints and Sinners questline. It starts with the Balance of Power quest. In order to get the Balance of Power quest you will need to speak to Ri’Saad.

Where is the Saints and Seducers quest?

To get right to it, players that want to take on the Saints and Seducers quest need to find Ri’saad, a traveling Khajiit trader. While it is possible to track down this merchant as he moves across Skyrim’s map, the easiest way to locate him is to wait just outside of Whiterun’s southern gates.

Can a female marry another female in Skyrim?

In Skyrim, you can marry anyone of any gender or race. If you’re a male Nord, you could marry a male Orc if you wish!

Who is the hottest spouse in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 20 Best Wives & How To Marry Them

  • 9 Taarie.
  • 8 Shahvee.
  • 7 Borgakh The Steel Heart.
  • 6 Camilla Valerius.
  • 5 Muiri.
  • 4 Jenassa.
  • 3 Mjoll The Lioness.
  • 2 Lydia.

Is Karliah marriable?

Karliah is marriable and can be a follower. Compatible with Hearthfire but doesn’t require it.

How does Karliah have purple eyes?

She’s addicted to the spice Melange, but because of dunmer’s red eyes, it makes her eyes look purple instead of blue.

What race is vex?


Race Half-elf
Biographical information
Full name Vex’ahlia de Rolo
Pronouns she/her

What is the longest Questline in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 10 Ridiculously Long Quests With Terrible Rewards

  1. 1 No Stone Unturned.
  2. 2 The Main Quest.
  3. 3 The Thieves Guild.
  4. 4 The Civil War.
  5. 5 The College Of Winterhold.
  6. 6 The Companions.
  7. 7 A Return To Your Roots.
  8. 8 Forsworn Conspiracy & No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.

What is hardest quest line in Skyrim?

Skyrim: The 15 Hardest Quests To Complete, Ranked

  1. 1 The Ebony Warrior. “The Ebony Warrior” is Skyrim’s final challenge, so it’s fitting that it’s difficult.
  2. 2 No Stone Unturned.
  3. 3 Under New Management.
  4. 4 A Return To Your Roots.
  5. 5 Elder Knowledge.
  6. 6 Lost To The Ages.
  7. 7 The Eye Of Magnus.
  8. 8 The Black Star.

Why is Karliah not showing up?

Wait a couple of in-game days for her in The Ragged Flagon. Wait in 24-hour intervals, and see if she shows up. Karliah sometimes takes a long time to travel. If that doesn’t work and you’re playing on the PC, an alternative workaround is to use console commands to teleport Karliah to your location.

Where can I find Karliah after hard answers?

She returns slowly (3-5 game days) to the Nightingale Hall, and can be found wandering around there. She usually frequents the front of the Hall, but can be found just about anywhere inside.

Can you marry Adrianne Avenicci?

All you need to do is to win a brawl against her for marriage. As bonus, she actually has a house in Whiterun, which makes her the earliest possible opportunity to have your own house in the game.

Who is the strongest companion in Skyrim?

Easily the strongest out of Skyrim’s humanoid followers, Serana possesses high levels in the Destruction, Conjuration, One-Handed, and Light Armor skills, making her very offensively versatile.

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