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Tough Cookies – Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Bosses, Ranked (From Easiest to Toughest) |

Nowadays there are plenty of games that bring the best challenge to any of the gamers. Looking at the current times, games like Diablo 4 can contend to such spot knowing how hard it could be to reach level 100 on Hardcore. Since the game has online features, players often duck out of the hard challenges and buy Diablo IV gold to ease out the gameplay. The game that you can’t really alternate anything unless you let your big brother play, is Cuphead. Cuphead is known to be one of the sweatiest games to touch the recent times, with its new DLC, there are even more frustration involved on beating the game. We took our time to rank the bosses so you can have a better understanding on how you can tackle the game. Here we go!


12 – The Pawns (King of Games – Challenge 1)

Of all the King of Games challenges, the Pawns are by far the easiest. This makes sense as it’s meant to ease you into the general concept of how the rest of the challenges will function.

In this bout, the Pawns wait atop the rafters and jump down to attack, charging in your direction. To defeat them, the pink ball on their heads must be parried. However, once parried, they’re not out for the count. They’ll return to the rafters and continue to be a nuisance, continuing to attack until they’re all defeated.

Unless the game conspires against you, generally it’s not too hard to keep track of which Pawns are about to assail you. Ms Chalice’s double jump and roll make avoiding even multiple Pawns fairly easy.

Until your brain gets the hang of having to parry rather than shoot, this challenge may take you a few attempts.

11 – The Bishop (King of Games – Challenge 3)

While it’s not immediately obvious what makes the Bishop vulnerable, after cracking the code, it’s not too much of a feat to eliminate him from the board.

Fighting at his altar, he lights up the candles around him and becomes invulnerable. Avoiding his erratic moving patterns, simply touch his candles to snuff them out. After this, he’ll become open to attack.

Thankfully, using Ms Chalice in this fight (which is advisable unless you really want to challenge yourself) makes it one of the easiest encounters. Her invincible dodge roll can be used to get around the screen fairly easily, avoiding most hazards in the process.

The Bishop’s large cranium makes him a big target. While that makes him something of a pain to avoid, it also makes him easy to hit when he’s able to be parried.

10 – The Rook (King of Games – Challenge 4)

The axe-grinding Rook can seem oddly challenging at first. His difficulty inconspicuously ramps up as well, slowly adding in more and more projectiles to dodge.

The straight-moving castle piece starts the fight by pinging parriable severed heads at you. The heads slowly pinball from the top to the bottom of the screen at various speeds, and you have to parry them back to damage him. Some heads will need to be parried multiple times in order to reach him.

The key to this fight is staying airborne. If you can chain parries and jumps together like a skilled trapeze artist, this encounter won’t cause you too much stress. As the executioner takes more damage, he starts to fire sparks from his axe grinder. However, the sparks only threaten those close to the ground.

Using Ms Chalice’s double jump and dash parry ability, this fight shouldn’t make too many players sweat once they get a rhythm down.

9 – The Queen (King of Games – Challenge 5)

The final bout in the King’s Leap is made difficult by the fact that damaging her is sometimes more based on luck than judgment.

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To take out the King’s fair lady, you’ll need help from the mice and their cannons. The cannons must be parried to be fired, with three to choose from. The Queen slides back and forth in the background, raining down jewels to hurt you. The cannons themselves turn from right to left, and they must be parried when both they and the Queen are aligned.

Often, it’s tougher to actually aim the cannons than it is to just hit and hope. The Queen moves at such speed, and its hard to tell when the cannons are actually aiming at her. It’ll look like it’s focused on her, only for the cannonball to go flying past.

Between that and avoiding all her projectiles, this can turn into a hairy duel in the blink of an eye.

8 – The Knight (King of Games – Challenge 2)

Despite being the second opponent in the gauntlet of the King’s challenges, the Knight is probably the toughest creature you’ll face in the Leap.

The battle with the Knight is a straight-up sword fight. Except you don’t have a sword. Turns out that bringing a cup to a knife fight isn’t a great move either. Anyway, the Knight has a few attacks that he telegraphs before he swings. To damage him, the back of his helmet must be parried.

The trickiness comes from the sheer speed that the Knight has to his attacks, especially his full-screen charge. It means his fight becomes about pure reaction time and to a lesser extent, precision.

The hitbox for his helmet can be a little awkward at times, causing you to take damage when you’re almost certain you were accurate. The key is also not to get too greedy. Trying to get too many hits will almost certainly be your undoing.

7 – The Howling Aces (Doggone Dogfight)

Now that we’ve sorted the King’s minions out, it’s time to move on to the big fellas. Namely, the “actual” bosses themselves. The easiest (although that term is used pretty loosely in Cuphead) is probably the Howling Aces.

The Howling Aces don’t have too many crazy things flying at you at all times. By Cuphead’s standards, this is a pretty relaxed fight. Phase One starts with the bulldog pilot firing his bone tattoos at you on one side, and his cat’s balls of yarn on the other. One of his pups will be throwing tennis balls as well, but they don’t cause too much of a bad time.

Once he’s been put in the doghouse, you’ll face off against his litter. These four kids rotate around you and shout barks at you. If you’re quick, you can take at least one of them out before this phase even really starts.

The final phase will have you dodging lasers and adjusting your perspective to fight the remaining pilot. Dodging the lasers isn’t too difficult, but having your world turned upside down (literally) can be hard to grasp. This is doubly hard when the game flips your controls.

6 – Moonshine Mob (Bootlegger Boogie)

What will probably be most people’s first foray into the DLC bosses, this band of bad-guy bugs is more a series of tough mini-challenges than one large, intimidating one.

The first phase has you go head to head with the Spider. He’ll patrol on one of the three levels. Occasionally, he’ll call in his fly goons from the background for some extra muscle. Alternatively, he’ll drop some bombs in from webs that detonate when you get too close. By exploiting Ms Chalice’s dodge roll, you can set these bombs off without much fear of taking a hit.

Once the arachnid’s been alleviated, you’ll go up against the dancing ladybug. She won’t attack you herself, but the beams from her gramophone will. It’s recommended to stay on the bottom platform and fire up at her, keeping an eye on the beams that become actively harmful. A shot that can lock on to enemies will help massively here too.

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The final villains are the snail and the aardvark. This is undoubtedly the toughest phase. Again, a weapon that will do the aiming for you will be of great benefit here seeing as the aardvark’s nose moves so rapidly. You can parry his tongue, but you’ll need lightning reactions, so it’s much safer to stay away.

Once the anteater’s been downed, it’s not quite over! The snickering snail pops up to be one final pest. He’ll rain fast shots down on you, so you can’t stay still for long. Again, since you’re moving so much, a weapon that will find your targets is a huge plus in this bout.

5 – Mortimer Freeze (Snow Cult Scuffle)

This winter wizard takes a few forms, and can be more annoying than anything (especially if you’re going for an A+ Rank).

The start of the fight has Freeze dropping sentient snowballs into the ground and projectile playing cards at you. The snowballs have an annoying habit of somehow aiming right for you, but using Ms Chalice’s roll makes this much easier to avoid.

Once Mortimer’s had enough, he’ll morph into an abominable snowman/fridge monster. His slam attack isn’t too tough to dodge, but his ball attacks can be. His tells that show whether he’ll jump through the air or roll along the ground are ever so subtly different. It’s better to use your ears rather than your eyes for this, as there will be a different audio cue for each attack. Occasionally, his evil lollipops will fly in to be a nuisance.

His final form is that of a giant snowflake. He’ll fire one of his eyes that shoots a laser, fire buckets that split into moons when they break, and shoots ice creams that can zero in on you.

With Mortimer switching sides, the quickness of his attacks, and the need to stay on the platforms without falling off, the pure speed of the final phase makes this a tough tussle for sure.

4 – Glumstone the Giant (Gnome Way Out)

Living up high in the mountains so people don’t bother him, Glumstone doesn’t take kindly to visitors.

Phase One may actually be the trickiest of all the Giant’s stages. It’s the pesky gnomes that create all the headaches. Staying on the floor will cause them to poke their sharp hats at you. The platforms moving up and down mean you have to constantly pay close attention to what will and won’t hit you. The gnomes will shoot fireballs at you, and climb up the blocks to swipe at you with their hammers.

They’ll also brew projectiles from their cauldron to send towards you, with some being able to be parried. Glumstone will occasionally call in a flock of geese and bring a bear in to try to damage you. Dodging all this madness and laying some hits on him will start his puppet show.

Phase Two has him throwing a ball back and forth between his two hand puppets. It’s best to save a Super Art for this phase to get it over with, seeing as both targets are static and easier to hit. Keep an eye on the ball and the gnomes in the floor too.

After swatting down the King Dice and Devil hand puppets, Glumstone will take you for a snack. It’s up to you to give him an upset stomach by hitting his ulcer.

Having a homing shot helps here if you struggle to move and aim, but the charge and looper shot also work very well for racking up damage.

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3 – Esther Winchester (High-Noon Hoopla)

The only airplane boss to be in the DLC, Esther is just as chaotic as the other shoot ‘em up fights in the main game.

Her first phase is frantic from the beginning. Her snake oil shots will fly towards you then back to her before launching back at you one more time. Flying horses also move in and will shoot a small projectile at you, and vultures drop in sticks of dynamite that split into smaller ones. She can also lasso in a cactus to render one half of the screen deadly.

Her second phase has her vacuuming in stolen bags of money, coins, and gold bars, all of which need to be dodged. She’ll then eject her vacuum bag into the sky, with safes falling down and shattering, releasing the deadly money and coins.

Beating this will turn her into a string of sausages, and she’ll fire steaks at you. Keep your wits about you to dodge the cans of beans that open to create small walls. Try to stay on the top half of the screen and switch to the bomb shots when Esther moves to the bottom of the screen.

After being thoroughly cooked, Esther will morph into a can of Prarie Dog sausages. Here she’ll make a cone of hotdogs that have gaps in them to pass through as well shooting jalapenos at you.

This phase can get crazy. With the amount of dodging you’ll need to be doing while also actually damaging Esther, this a turbulent flight for sure.

2- Angel and Demon (One Hell of a Dream)

A secret boss that can be unlocked by solving the graveyard puzzle, this is a return of the Devil, far from happy after his defeat in the main game.

Here, it’s all about how you face your problems. Similar to how the Boos function in the Super Mario games, the Demon and the Angel can be swapped depending on who you’re facing.

By turning around at the correct time, you can render the previous Demon’s fireballs harmless. Alternatively, if you’re not paying attention, you’ll switch a previously innocuous cloud of air into a fiery circle of pain.

This fight isn’t traditionally difficult as many have come to expect from Cuphead, but the mental gymnastics one has to do to understand when to turn around is of an Olympic standard.

1 – Chef Saltbaker (A Dish to Die For)

It’s fitting that the DLC’s hardest boss also be the last one. After pulling the pastry over your eyes to fetch his ingredients, Chef Saltbaker reveals himself to be cut-throat cook looking to take the Wondertart for himself.

After revealing his intentions, the Chef enters the manic first phase by prepping his ingredients in the most deadly way possible. Between the limes, sugar cubes, dough animals, and gnome berries, there are an awful lot of things to keep your eyes on. And that’s without even shooting the crazed culinary!

A beautiful touch in the fight is that all the items collected by the player are used against them in the fight in some form.

Phase Two has you shooting pepper shakers into the Chef’s face while avoiding their peppercorns. Saltbaker also drops mint leaves from the ceiling which need to be dodged as well. This phase isn’t too difficult, but it depends on how many hits you took in Phase One.

Phase Three is fairly trivial as it just has the dancing salt duo. This pair has barely 100 hit points, so they won’t last long if you can lay into them quickly.

Finally, keeping a cool head and one eye on the platforms, you can parry the heart from the Chef until he finally gives in.

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