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What is the highest loot possible in COC?

Best Answer:

World Record of loot in Clash of Clans by Judo Sloth Gaming

By filling up all storages, Town Hall, and collectors, the attacker was able to find the loot of 2 million of gold and elixir, and 14 thousand of dark elixir.


How do I get more loot in my loot cart?

If you don’t log in the game for at least three consecutive days, the Loot Cart will appear overloaded, contain much more resources and no longer depend on the number of resources looted, but depend on the number of days not logging in and the Town Hall level.

What is the best time to loot in Clash of Clans?

Golden hour is the best time to attack on Clash of Clans. To farmers, it’s very easy to find loot and abandoned villages.

Where is the best loot in Clash of Clans?

The best collector loot will be in the low-mid range, the best storage loot will be in the mid-high range. Combined best will be in the mid range. The higher trophies you go, the harder the defenses will be, on average.

What happens to loot if storage full?

If your storages are full of resources, no loot will be saved in the Season Bank. Only loot that fits into your storages is saved in the Season Bank. Even if you can’t fit the Season Bank’s contents into your storages, you still receive them in full.

Should I collect loot from Treasury?

If you have a low amount of resources in your storages, it is better to keep any loot you get in your Treasury there, because you will then have less loot available for attackers.

Does loot Respawn 7 days?

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How do you increase loot stage?

Exploring a different Biome may raise your loot stage by a percentage and by a flat amount, as shown in biomes.

Should I drop trophies in COC?

Purposefully losing trophies is a valid technique and should be employed in certain situations. Since higher level bases and more serious players tend to have more trophies, losing trophies will help you encounter more casual players.

What is the biggest loot in history?

The Antwerp diamond heist, dubbed the “heist of the century”, was the largest diamond heist of all time. Since then, the heist was classified to be one of the largest robberies in history. Thieves stole loose diamonds, gold, silver and other types of jewelry valued at more than $100 million.

What is the best map for loot?

The holy grail and best map for loot in Tarkov is the army themed Reserve and is simply packed with loot. With attractive spawns for medical items, folder with intelligence, paracords, weapons, tank items, grenades and a wealth of attachments Reserve is a gold mine waiting to be farmed.

Who is the top 1 in COC?

Top Players of 2020 for Clash of Clans

Player ID % of Game
1. Lenaide 58.70%
2. Ast 62.47%
3. BuMm 62.47%
4. Jojo23 62.47%

How many gems is 1 day in COC?

Gems can be mined in the Gem Mine, which is in the Builder Base, though the process is slow, with a maximum production rate of 4.8 gems per day.

Where are the loot caves?

To find the Destiny 2 loot cave Easter egg, you need to head over to the original loot cave in the Skywatch region of the Cosmodrome – there’s a landing zone in the area to get there quickly.

Who has the most HP in COC?

The Lava Hound is an air unit with the highest HP of any troop, but extremely low DPS for their housing space.

Who is the fastest troop in COC?


Troop In Game Speed Speed in Tiles/Second
Headhunter 24 3
Super Barbarian 20 2.5
Super Archer 24 3
Super Giant 12 1.5

Can you sell your COC account?

Selling, buying, sharing, or giving game accounts to other players is against our Terms of Service, and never endorsed by Supercell. The risks surrounding account sales are: The seller may take your money and never give you the account.

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Can we get free gems in COC?

There are five proven ways to earn free Gems in Clash of Clans. These include completing achievements, participating in the Clan War Games, removing obstacles, utilizing the Gem Mine, and completing challenges and events.

How to get free gems?

How can I get free gems and resources?

  1. Earn Gems by completing achievements.
  2. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village.
  3. Open the gem box that appears in your village now and then.
  4. Keep an eye out for any ongoing events that reward gems.
  5. Repair the Gem Mine in the Builder Base.

What happens if you leave COC for 100 days?

You only lose Leader status if you don’t play the game for 90 days. Even if you are inactive for a long time, you will receive screen notifications encouraging you to log in and manage your Clan again. This happens well before a new Leader is appointed.

Do loot carts increase?

Starting on the Summer 2020 update, the Loot Cart now accumulates loot overtime for up to 90 days and its capacity for resources generated from inactivity has been increased across Town Hall levels.

What percentage of loot can be stolen in COC?

It will always be possible for an attacker to steal up to 3% of what is stored there.

How do you maximize loot luck?

There are Golden Dice hidden throughout the Wonderlands. By collecting them you will not only get some loot based on the roll but collecting these Golden Dice will also increase your Loot Luck.

Why should you not rush in COC?

You should never rush you base else you would lag behind a lot and it won’t even be fun to play as even a lower TH will be able to crush you base. Never upgrade your TH unless you have maxed each and everything. It takes time but it’s worth it. Having a max TH 8 is way better than being a rushed TH 10.

When should you stop rushing COC?

When should I stop rushing? Upgrade costs begin to get expensive at Town Hall 9 so some people stop rushing at Town Hall 9. Other people rush until they have unlocked a specific troop such as Electro Dragon. Some people will stop rushing at Town Hall 12 because upgrading the Giga Tesla while rushed is hard.

Can you delete platinum trophies?

How to delete trophy information. You can delete trophy information for a game if you haven’t earned any trophies in that game yet. Games that have already earned trophies cannot be deleted. Select your profile picture from the home screen, and then select Trophies.

How much was stolen from Rio bank?

But when law enforcement entered the bank, there wasn’t a perp to be found. They’d vanished without a trace, taking with them a reported $20 million in cash and valuables from safety deposit boxes.

What’s the biggest robbery ever?

The largest cash heist in global history took place in March 2003, when approximately US$1 billion was stolen from the Central Bank of Iraq, shortly after the United States began the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

What was the worst robbery ever?

On September 12, 1997, six men robbed the Dunbar Armored facility on Mateo St. in Downtown Los Angeles, California of US$18.9 million (equivalent to $31.9 million in 2021).

What game has the most detailed map?

Here’s a quick recap of the 35 biggest open-world maps in video game history.

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (16 Miles²)
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (15 Miles²)
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (15 Miles²)
  • Grand Theft Auto San Andreas (13 Miles²)
  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (12 Miles²)
  • Far Cry 4 (11 Miles²)

Is loot good for mods?

Setting the right load order for your mods is a crucial step to enjoying a stable modded game. The Load Order Optimisation Tool (LOOT) can help with that, by providing automated load order sorting that’s simple to use and fully customisable.

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Can Gold pass loot be stolen?

The percentage of Gold/Elixir that can be stolen from storages until TH6 is 20% and is capped at 200,000. At TH7 and up, the percentage that can be stolen drops by 2% at each TH level, to a minimum of 10% at TH11 and above, while the cap increases by 50k at each TH level, to a maximum of 600,000 at TH14.

How much loot can be stolen from collectors?

You can steal up to 50% of the Gold and Elixir stored on the Mines and Collectors. With 7 Mines/Collectors on Town Hall 13, you can steal 1,050,000 of Gold and Elixir from Mines/Collectors.

How do you get a 4x star bonus in COC?

Upgrading the Town Hall to level 4 or higher will provide a 4x Star Bonus boost for 3-5 days after the upgrade (depending on the Town Hall level). This will make the Town Hall have a “boosted” aura; this is the only boost upon upgrading the Town Hall which cannot be achieved by Magic Items.

What happens to clan war loot if treasury is full?

The Clan Castle’s Treasury was full. Only loot that will fit will be saved in the Treasury. You didn’t do an attack for at least 1% of damage during the War, or the damage you inflicted was very low. The war win bonus is calculated based on the destruction percentages of your attacks.

How often do loot crates spawn?

every 25 minutesTwo Deep Sea Loot Crates are initially spawned on server start that only despawn when looted or the server is shutdown, with only one loot crate spawning every 25 minutes. If both crates are looted at least 45 minutes must pass from the moment the first crate was looted before both crates will have respawned.

What is loot stage?

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How often do you get loot crates?


Loot Crate is a recurring monthly subscription, meaning that you will receive and be charged for crates every billing cycle unless you cancel your subscription. A 1-month plan means you get billed every month.

Does difficulty affect loot luck?

The short answer is that changing your difficulty setting doesn’t affect your loot from each machine drop. Playing with more players and the difficulty scaling with those players also will not affect each machine’s chance of giving you more loot. However, on higher difficulties the chance of spawning a Rival is higher.

How much does looting 3 increase drops?

For each level, the drops are increased by one percentage point. For example, level III looting enchantment in Minecraft will give a 3% boost to your drop rate.

How many hours does it take to beat COC?

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Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 5 35h
Main + Extras 7 146h 8m
Completionist 3 575h
All PlayStyles 15 194h 52m

Does COC delete inactive account?

SUPERCELL RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TERMINATE ANY ACCOUNT THAT HAS BEEN INACTIVE FOR 180 DAYS. Supercell reserves the right to stop offering and/or supporting the Service or a particular game or part of the Service at any time, at which point your right to use the Service or a part thereof will be automatically terminated.

How many gems is 1 day in COC?

Gems can be mined in the Gem Mine, which is in the Builder Base, though the process is slow, with a maximum production rate of 4.8 gems per day.

How long does a Loot Cart last in COC?

Home Village Balance Changes. Loot Cart now accumulates loot over time for up to 90 days and its capacity for resources generated from inactivity has been increased across Town Hall levels.

Is looting considered stealing?

Looting is a type of theft that occurs when people steal during riots, natural disasters, or other emergency situations. Typically, this is a crime of opportunity, and many people may go on a stealing spree at once at a store or group of stores.

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What happens if season bank is bigger than storage?

What happens if my resource storages are already full when the Season Bank empties out? It will overflow the resources beyond the maximum. Keep in mind, if your storages are maxed beyond capacity, you won’t be able to collect resources from your Collectors until you’re back under the max again.

What is the highest loot possible in COC?

World Record of loot in Clash of Clans by Judo Sloth Gaming

By filling up all storages, Town Hall, and collectors, the attacker was able to find the loot of 2 million of gold and elixir, and 14 thousand of dark elixir.

How much Gold can a level 8 Gold Storage hold?

Gold Storage

Level Cost Storage Capacity
7 25,000 100,000
8 50,000 225,000
9 100,000 450,000
10 250,000 850,000

How is Clash of Clans loot calculated?

Determining loot for the storage is determined as follows: Take the amount of loot currently stored in that storage and divide it by the total amount stored in all the storages.

Why is COC so addictive?

The problem with this game model is that it plays on our innate desire to see measurable growth. We as human beings love to see measurable progress as it makes us feel good. Addiction to this feel-good sensation is a big part of video game addiction as a whole.

How much is COC worth?

Clash of Clans is one of the few mobile games to surpass 500 million downloads on iOS and Android, while also being one of the few to surpass $1 billion yearly revenue.

Clash of Clans overview.

Title Title 2
People Ilkka Paananen (CEO)
Business type Subsidiary
Owner Tencent
Industry Mobile games

What happens if you leave COC for 90 days?

When a Clan Leader hasn’t logged into Clash of Clans for 90 days, the game selects a new Leader. Members and the Leader get messages about the rotation throughout the process.

What does the Pekka stand for?

Supercell held a Facebook contest on 22 August 2012 to see who could come up with the best written-out name for P.E.K.K.A as judged by the number of likes the comment received. The name “Perfectly Enraged Knight Killer of Assassins” was the winner.

How long is 1 gem in COC?

Gold Pass modifiers

Level Capacity Production Time per Gem
1 10 11h 6m 40s
2 11 10h
3 12 9h 5m 27s
4 13 8h 20m

How can I hack 1000 gems in Clash of Clans?

Destroying 5,000 towers earns you 1,000 Gems. War Hero – This achievement is earned by winning stars for your clan in War Battles. Scoring 1,000 stars will earn you 1,000 Gems.

How do you enter codes on Clash of Clans?

January 26 2023: We checked for any new active or expired Clash of Clan codes. Check out the full list below.

How To Redeem Clash Of Clans Codes

  1. Log into your Clash Of Clans account.
  2. Go to your account menu and click ‘Settings’
  3. Press the ‘Redeem Gems’ option.
  4. Enter your code and press ‘Get ‘ to redeem your freebies.

How do you get free Gems glitch?

Free Gem Glitch

  1. Disconnect your device from the internet.
  2. Enter your game and exit.
  3. Turn off all automatic time and date settings.
  4. Change the date by 1 day.
  5. Enter the game, and you will receive a reward for logging in two days in a row.
  6. Complete this until you reach the 900 coin, 2 gems reward.

How to get unlimited Gems in coc?

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Who is No 1 in Clash of Clans?

Clans Trophies Ranking

Name Clan Points
1 درع الجزيرة KSA 59,788
2 ABO_FAHAD COC 59,456
3 PsyQo_DRiFT 59,188
4 WarKings 59,124

What is the weakest troop in COC?

Goblins1 Worst: Goblins

Goblins have been around for a long time and have many adoring fans, but they are unfortunately considered the worst troop in Clash of Clans right now.

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