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How do you unlock all the characters in Genshin Impact?

Best Answer:

Players will need to spend an in-game currency called Fate to unlock any additional characters. You can spend a Fate at any time in the game’s Wish menu to get a randomly drawn character or item.


What is the fastest way to get characters in Genshin Impact?

What Are Some of the Fastest Ways to Level Up Characters in Genshin Impact?

  1. Follow the Storyline.
  2. Complete Commissions.
  3. Clear Domains.
  4. Defeat Bosses.
  5. Complete Experience Tasks from the Adventurer’s Handbook.
  6. Exploring the Map.
  7. Harness Materials.

How do I add more characters in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, you’ll start out with just a single character, the Traveler. But over time, you’ll work to build out your roster with more characters, each with their own unique abilities. You usually do this by making Wishes on the gacha banners, but if you want to Wish a lot, you’ll need to spend money.

How to get characters in Genshin Impact for free?

Although they’re all available at one point or another through the various gacha Wishes system, a handful of Genshin Impact characters can be obtained for free by completing Archon Quests or through optional dungeons.

Who is the easiest character to get in Genshin?

Kaeya is one of the three playable characters players instantly receive at the beginning of Genshin Impact. He’s a solid 4-star Cryo DPS who is easy to build and works well in most team compilations. Kaeya’s materials are easy to farm and players can use some pretty common artifacts on him.

How do you guarantee a character in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, you can improve your chances of getting guaranteed 5-star characters by understanding the game’s Pity system. Using the Pity feature at the right time is a great way to secure the best pulls in the game, so if you’re aiming for a specific character it’s essential to understand the system.

Can I get limited characters in Genshin Impact?

Basically, after a certain number of rolls, players are guaranteed to get a high rarity item. In Genshin Impact, this item is a 4 or 5-star character or weapon. The pity system in Genshin Impact works a bit like this: Limited Character Banner: Roll 10 times for a guaranteed 4-star and 90 times for a guaranteed 5-star.

How to get free characters in Genshin Impact 2022?

How to unlock new playable characters in Genshin Impact (2022) Spending Primogems, Intertwined Fates, and Acquaint Fates on Event Wishes are by far and away the most common ways to get new characters in Genshin Impact. It’s the only way to get the most 5-star characters.

Who is the best free character Genshin?

Genshin Impact: 11 Top F2P Friendly Characters

  • 8 Gorou.
  • 7 Albedo.
  • 6 Sangonomiya Kokomi.
  • 5 Barbara.
  • 4 Bennett.
  • 3 Zhongli.
  • 2 Raiden Shogun.
  • 1 Venti.

Is Venti a free character?

To begin, the only way to unlock Venti in Genshin Impact at the time of writing is to Wish for him. As many players will know, Wishes are purchased with Intertwined Fates or Acquaint Fates, which can be bought with Primogems, and they serve as the foundation of the game’s gacha mechanic.

What are the 7 free characters in Genshin Impact?

There are a handful of free characters in Genshin Impact, however, who can be unlocked without having to spend any Acquainted or Intertwined Fates.

Limited-time character events

  • Barbara (Hydro)
  • Beidou (Electro)
  • Fischl (Electro)
  • Xiangling (Pyro)
  • Xingqiu (Hydro)
  • Chongyun (Cryo)
  • Ningguang (Geo)
  • Xinyan (Pyro)

How to get 5-star characters in Genshin Impact for free?

The best way to get 5-Star characters is by investing Acquaint or Intertwined Fates on wish banners. Each banner has its own stats on the chance of the player rolling a specific 5-Star character. The issue is pulling a 5-star character is extremely rare as most have less than a 1% chance to be pulled during each wish.

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How to get Diluc for free?

Genshin Impact players can unlock Diluc by wishing on the permanent banner called Wanderlust Invocation.

How to get Zhongli for free?

Travelers looking to get Zhongli in Genshin Impact should know that he’s only available on banners where he’s featured.

Here is how players can get Zhongli in Genshin Impact

  1. 1st Summon: 160 Primogems.
  2. 90th Summon: 14,400 Primogems.
  3. 180th Summon: 28,800 Primogems.

Can you get 5 star without pity?

Even though it starts at a chance of 0.6% for a 5-Star drop, it can get as low as 0.187% and as high as 20.627%. This can be taken advantage of in order to increase the odds of getting a 5-Star character before the pity system kicks in.

How many Primogems is 90 wishes?

Genshin Impact 3.4 Primogems estimation: Why some players will get over 90 Wishes in this update. That’s 14,735 Primogems.

Who is the rarest 5 star Genshin Impact?

Two of the rarest characters in Genshin Impact appear to be Venti and Diluc. Both are 5-star characters, and they’re more typically desired than other 5-stars like Jean and Keqing. Diluc is incredibly powerful, and he’s currently available through the Wanderlust Invocation Wish.

Is getting Diluc rare?

All things considered, you have a 0.6 percent chance of getting Diluc, although you are guaranteed a five-star character or weapon after 90 consecutive unsuccessful pulls.

How to get Primogems fast?

The most dependable way of earning free Primogems is through the Daily Commissions, unlocked once you’ve reached Adventure Rank 12. You get a total of four Daily Commissions each day. Each mission is usually very quick to complete, with each earning 10 Primogems.

What is Diluc’s age?

Diluc was Jean’s superior before he quit the Knights. She is slightly younger than him, and she calls him “senpai” in the Japanese audio, so she is 20-21 at most.

How to get Xiao Genshin Impact for free?

Nonetheless, this is how to get Xiao:

  1. Get a handful of “Wishes” – you can do this by leveling up your Adventurer Rank.
  2. Open the Wishes menu – open this menu daily to see if Xiao is on there.
  3. Start opening banners.
  4. Use at least ten Wishes, because you are guaranteed to obtain a four-star item every ten tries.

How do you unlock Diluc in Genshin Impact?

Unfortunately, there are only two ways to get Diluc in Genshin Impact, and both of them are Wishing related which is up to chance. The first way you can get Diluc is by Wishing on the Wanderlust Invocation Banner and the other way is by Wishing on a Limited-Time Banner.

How do you get 40 wishes for free for Genshin Impact?

The most common way to obtain them is by exchanging 160 primogems (Genshin’s free in-game currency) through the in-game shop.

Who is the best male in Genshin?

Genshin Impact: 7 Best Male Character Designs

  • 7 Diluc.
  • 6 Kaedehara Kazuha.
  • 5 Arataki Itto.
  • 4 Tartaglia.
  • 3 Xiao.
  • 2 Kaeya.
  • 1 Zhongli.

Who is the strongest hero in Genshin?

Genshin Impact: 15 Strongest Characters, Ranked by Base DEF

  • 8 Kaedehara Kazuha (62/806)
  • 7 Tartaglia (63/814)
  • 6 Shenhe (64/830)
  • 5 Cyno (66/859)
  • 4 Hu Tao (68/876)
  • 3 Albedo (68/876)
  • 2 Qiqi (71/922)
  • 1 Itto (74/959)

Who is the number 1 character in Genshin Impact?

Thanks to her excellent healing abilities and easily obtainable Constellations, Barbara is our favorite healer. Barbara has the distinction of being widely agreed to be Genshin Impact’s best free-to-play character.

How do I unlock my Venti for free?

Players get the first five-star character at 90 wishes but lose the 50-50. Players get Venti at 90 wishes after losing the 50-50.

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How do you get Venti in one Wish?

YouTube video

Who does Venti have a crush on?

AetherVenti has a Crush on Aether – Genshin Impact Comic Dub.

Who is the rare characters in Genshin Impact?

Why Venti And Diluc Are So Rare In Genshin Impact. Two of the rarest characters in Genshin Impact appear to be Venti and Diluc.

Can you get Noelle for free?

Noelle. While Noelle technically isn’t free, per se, she’s a guaranteed drop during your first 10-set pull from the Beginner’s Banner, only available to new players. With the fates given to you, she has an opportunity cost more than anything.

Which twin is better in Genshin Impact?

You might be wondering what the difference is, or what you missed out on by choosing one gender, but the answer is simple: nothing. Aside from aesthetics, there is no difference between each twin. Even the language used for you is ungendered, so it literally just comes down to your personal preference.

How many wishes does 100 dollars get you in Genshin?

The maximum amount you can buy in one go is 6480 Primogems for $100, which is 40.5 Wishes – and Genshin doesn’t do half Wishes.

How much does it cost to get every Genshin character?

In order to make 180 wishes, they’ll need a total of 28,800 crystals from the store. That comes out to the player spending approximately $444.44 in order to guarantee that they get a specific featured character from a wish.

How much money is 90 wishes in genshin?

Again, in order to be guaranteed a 5-Star item, you need to purchase 90 Wishes, which would cost more than $100 if you’re buying the standard Genesis Crystal bundles.

What Genshin characters are hard to get?

5 hardest to pull characters in Genshin Impact

  • Venti & Childe.
  • Klee.
  • Zhongli.
  • Ganyu.
  • Xiao.

Can you finish free characters with Genshin?

Yes, you don’t need to pay anything to finish the game. Genshin Impact is F2P, and buying genesis crystals using your money for Primogems or characters costumes isn’t impactful to how you play the game.

How much does it cost to fully max a character Genshin?

To level up a single character to level 90 it costs 1,673,400 Mora. This doesn’t include ascension, which costs an additional 420,000 Mora. In total, each Genshin Impact character will require over two million Mora to reach level 90.

How to get free character?

Step 1 : Start by logging in to Free Fire and then go to the ‘Character’ section. Step 2 : Then click on the ‘LINK’ option which is available on the upper right corner. Step 3 : Follow up by clicking on the ‘Plus’ icon to select the desired Free Fire character.

Are there codes for Genshin Impact characters?

Genshin Impact 3.5 livestream codes

KARU3RG6NY65: x100 Primogems and x10 Mystic Enhancement Ore. 5SRC28YNNYP9: x100 Primogems and x5 Hero’s Wit. SB8UJ9H7NH8V: x100 Primogems and 50,000 Mora.

Who is Diluc girlfriend?

Jean GunnhildrTropes. Jeanluc is the het ship between Jean Gunnhildr and Diluc Ragnvindr from the Genshin Impact fandom.

Is Genshin giving free Primogems?

With the new promotion, players have a chance to acquire Primogems for free, which can then be used to purchase Intertwined and Acquaint Fates to try to obtain these highly coveted items.

Is it rare to get Xiao?

Xiao is a 5-star character, which means he’s incredibly rare and only acquired through the game’s gacha-pull Wish system. He’s also an Anemo user, which means his attacks are wind-based.

How many Primogems for 180 Wishes?

How many primogems for 180 wishes? It costs 160 Primogems for a pull, so at 180 pulls, that’s a total of 28,800 Primogems.

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Who is the first 5 star character Genshin Impact?


The Traveler is the first 5-star character Genshin Impact players get to play at the start of the game. Players have the option to pick between Lumine and her brother Aether.

Can we get Diluc skin for free?

Can you get Diluc skin for free? As per tradition, Diluc’s skin is only obtainable via Genesis Crystals, while Fischl’s is available for free via an event.

Why is it hard to get Diluc?

Diluc cannot be obtained from the story, and there are currently no events that give him as a reward. With that in mind, the only way players can get Diluc is to make wishes using Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates.

Who is the weakest character in Genshin Impact?

Amber. Widely regarded, and derided, as the worst character in Genshin Impact, Amber has the misfortune of being the first character that players recruit. Although her Bow and Pyro abilities are useful for early puzzles, her actual combat skills are terrible.

Is Aether or Lumine better?

Lumines charged attacks are actually slightly stronger than Aethers. (Speciffically 11.5% stronger.) Other differences include attack speed, climbing speed, swim speed, and others.

Is traveler a 5 star?

The Traveler, whether it’s Aether (boy) or Lumine (girl) is the only free 5-star character that players will ever obtain.

Which Genshin characters are free?

There are a handful of free characters in Genshin Impact, however, who can be unlocked without having to spend any Acquainted or Intertwined Fates.

Limited-time character events

  • Barbara (Hydro)
  • Beidou (Electro)
  • Fischl (Electro)
  • Xiangling (Pyro)
  • Xingqiu (Hydro)
  • Chongyun (Cryo)
  • Ningguang (Geo)
  • Xinyan (Pyro)

What is the rarest thing in Genshin?

Reality can often be disappointing, and sadly, the same is true for this aspect of the game. The rarest item in Genshin Impact isn’t even a 5-star item, but a 3-star sword called the Dark Iron Sword.

Who is the rarest 4 star Genshin?

1. Bennett (Pyro Sword) Despite being shunned by nearly every team in the game for being the unluckiest adventurer in Teyvat, Bennett is widely considered to be the best 4-star character in Genshin Impact.

How many wishes for a 5-star?

80 wishesFirstly, the amount of wishes for a guaranteed 5-star weapon is 80 wishes, so slightly less than that of a character.

How do I get 200 free Primogems?

To claim all 800 of your free Primogems, here are instructions to simply follow:

  1. Sign in to your Genshin Impact account.
  2. Launch Genshin Impact.
  3. Check your mail in-game.
  4. You can now Claim the mail that has 200 Primogems in it, given by HoYoverse.

How do I get 300 Primogems in one day?

300 Primogems can be claimed from these new codes, which are only available for a limited time (around 24 hours). Players can redeem these codes via the official website or in-game settings. Here are the new redemption codes: NS8TUVJYR4UH.

Is Diluc asexual?

Your Fav Is Ace! on Twitter: “Diluc from Genshin Impact is asexual!!

Who is Diluc’s lover?

Jean12 He Cares For Jean

Despite the fact that Diluc openly despises the Knights of Favionius, he seems to have a relationship with Jean. Some players even believe that the two may be romantically interested in each other.

Is lumine a 5 star?

Lumine in Genshin Impact

Here are some character details for Lumine: Star Rank: 5 star.

Who is the strongest 5 * in Genshin?

Kokomi, the five-star Hydro-type character known as the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island, is one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact. The fact that she can’t deal crits is actually a sign of her power since she would be unbalanced if she could.

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