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So, here’s the deal. The five of us — titans of the gaming press that we are, what with our dedicated work at and making its Jumping the Shark podcast a crazy success — got together and decided, “Hey, let’s do a website together.” And now, here it is.

That’s the short version. The long version is we are all fans of play. Despite the fact that we live in these oh-so-serious times, play is important. Young or old. Man or woman. Mineral or vegetable. We need time out from the travails of everyday life to take an active part in something completely frivolous. And the five of us? We like doing that so much that we’ve based our careers (part time or otherwise) on it. So, wouldn’t it be great if we had a site where we could talk not just about video games, or board games, but anything we’re doing related to that fundamental need to be interactively entertained.


Not content with a mere double entendre, this site’s theme has layers. You see, we’re not really concerned with being good at games. Some of us are pretty damned bad at them, in point of fact. We’re also not concerned with review scores. You want a score? You’ve got plenty of places to go. We like to talk about games. What makes them tick? What makes them work (or not)? We like conversations. It’s not about passing final verdict, it’s writing about what makes the experience of playing games sing. And although we’re great big honking enthusiasts that like to blather on about the latest and greatest as much as the next guy, around here it won’t always be about what’s new. We play whatever interests us at the time, be it something new and shiny, or a bargain bin find of yesteryear. So what you’ll find here in the coming months and, hopefully, years, is a running history of what we’re playing and what we think about it — done with style, of course.

Some of us may be known more for video games or boardgames or freeze tag, but at the end of the day what we’re really interested in are ways to play and that’s what this site is all about.

Our sincere thanks that you’ve joined us for the ride,
Bill Abner, Michael Barnes, Todd Brakke, Brandon Cackowski-Schnell, Danielle Riendeau, and Matt Thrower