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Simply put: you want to reach gamers.

Whether you are an independent game developer or an established publisher, a small company devoted to iOS Apps or a boardgame publisher looking for your target audience, No High Scores offers an affordable way to reach a growing number of potential customers.

Who are these people?
No High Scores is not the largest game site on the web. Clocking in at around 60k unique visits 250k page views per month, we have a loyal following that continues to grow since our launch in February of 2011. Our readers visit multiple times per day, they get involved in discussions, and they have made No High Scores one of their everyday Internet stops. We treasure them.

As a result, No High Scores has evolved into a very personable site with a shockingly low number of “trolls” and rabble rousers, and we only hope this continues. Truth is, our readers come to No High Scores to read about and talk about games of all stripes. Period.

So who are the readers of No High Scores?
• Generally male (77%) between the ages of 18-34.
• Most are either in college or have graduated from a four year institution.
• Most play games at least three times per week on PC, iOS, Xbox 360, PS3, tabletop, and handheld devices.
• They are exquisitely classy dressers.

I’m sold. What do I do next?
As a growing website, we offer competitive rates as low as $4/CPM for a middle sidebar location or $5/CPM for a space directly below the search bar. We also offer additional options for larger site integration and top ad banners.

If you’d like to advertise with No High Scores, first off, thank you. You are clearly making a brilliant decision. For more customized/targeted campaigns or help with creative, please contact our developer, Brian Rowe.

NOTE: Only a limited selection of ad zones are currently available.

Have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.