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Staff Picks

Hey, we like things? Do you like things? Bet you do. In fact, there’s a pretty good chance that the things we like and the things you like may be the very same things. Crazy! Taking that a step farther, chances are there are things we like, that you’ve never heard of, but once you do, you’ll be all like “Holy crap! I like these things! In fact, I love these things!”

This is but a small collection of the things we’re currently digging on. Check ‘em out and if they strike your fancy, maybe throw them in your cart and buy them. By doing so, we get a little cash thrown our way to keep things running and you get something you love. Everyone wins!

Bill Abner
Dark Souls
Batman: Arkham City
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Saint’s Row: The Third

Brandon Cackowski-Schnell
Pie: 300 Tried-and-True Recipes for Delicious Homemade Pie
Rayman Origins
Lumines: Electronic Symphony
The Darkness II

Brian Rowe
Dark Souls
Betrayal At House On The Hill
The Man from Nowhere [Blu-ray]
Super Meat Boy Ultra Edition

Matt Thrower
Twilight Struggle Deluxe Edition
Arkham Horror
The Road

Todd Brakke
Mass Effect 3 – PC
The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition – PC
Railways of the World
Game of Thrones: The Complete First Season [Blu-ray]
High Fidelity