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A Game of Thrones Combat Trailer

This is the first real look we’ve had of this one. Atlus released a trailer today for A Game of Thrones, its upcoming role-playing game from Cyanide. Say what you will about Cyanide, and you can really say a lot about Cyanide, but it’s currently the keeper of the fantasy license. I’m working on a hands-on preview for Confrontation, another licensed Cyanide joint, which I’ll post tomorrow but this trailer for AGoT looks interesting and with Atlus behind it maybe this developer can finally take the next step from “developer with a license” to “developer with a really good game.”

Here’s hoping.

A Game of Thrones New PC Screenshots

Cyanide released a new batch of screenshots for the A Game of Thrones role-playing game. Cyanide/Atlus has this slated for May of 2012 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 so it’s right around the corner. You will excuse me if I’m a wee bit leery of this one. Cyanide is simply going to have to prove that it can deliver upon the promises that it keeps making….here’s hoping. Six new screens after the break.

You can also check out the game’s homepage for more info.