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Really Big Sky, Cosmic Giveaway

We love us some shmups here at No High Scores. Well, the cool staff members do, so a giveaway for Really Big Sky was only natural.

We’re teaming up with Boss Baddie to give out 10 Steam keys. That’s right, 10 keys for full retail editions of Really Big Sky, so keep reading for the details.

YouTube video

See what just happened there? Of course you didn’t, because it’s too cosmically transcendental for mortal minds to comprehend through video alone. To rectify the situation and experience Really Big Sky the proper way, just follow the instructions below. Once again, you can choose one option to enter, or use both and double your chances:

Option 1 – Leave your Steam ID below, along with the name of your all-time favorite shmup. Simple as that.

Option 2 – Follow @nohighscores and use that handy Twitter button to spread the word. But, we want you to delete the default message and replace it with this:
Really Big Sky Giveaway. Thanks @bossbaddiegames and @nohighscores

The deadline to enter is Sunday, March 25, at 9pm (EST). Afterward, we will choose 10 lucky winners at random.

While you’re at it, be sure to show Boss Baddie some love on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.