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A Batch of GOG and Witcher 2 Announcements

CD Projekt Red held their “Spring Conference” yesterday, which consisted of several Witcher 2 related announcements and a bunch of updates at GOG. (I was rather hoping we’d hear about a new CD Projekt initiative or two, but no such luck.) Here’s the highlights from CD Projekt:

– The Witcher: Enhanced Edition is now available for the Mac (through Steam)
– All Witcher 2 owners get a “complimentary backup copy” of the game on (which, of course, means it’s DRM-free). More details here.
– Current Witcher 2 owners can pre-download the Enhanced Edition updates to their PCs on April 11th, six days ahead of the actual release date of April 17th. (You won’t be able to play the EE before the release date, however.)
– There will be a motion comic set in the Witcher universe released, for free, for iOS devices. The comic, “stars witcher Geralt in a perilous situation where the reknowned monster hunter may finally meet his match, fighting a cunning werecat in a battle to the death and where politics may force him to stay his hand.”
– 1,000 copies of Witcher 2 for Xbox will be made available to “enthusiast reviewers.” If you think you’d qualify and want to get in on this action you can find more information here.

On the GOG front, well, those folks have been rather busy:

– For about another 24 hours or so (as of this post), you can add Fallout to your account and download it for free. This offer expires at 23:59 GMT. I’ll let you do the time conversion.
– New “ Premium Editions” of the original Assassin’s Creed: Director’s Cut and Heroes of Might and Magic V Bundle are now available. You can get them both together until April 19th for 19.99. There’s also, according the to the PR, a full gigabyte of the usual extra GOG goodies included with these games, soundtracks, artbooks, etc. You have to marvel at the prospect of two Ubisoft games showing up on a DRM-free service.
– There’s a pre-order special for the upcoming release of Botanicula, an adventure game from the folks that brought you Machinarium. From now until the game’s release on April 19th, you’ll be able to get it for $8.99.

In light of some of the discontent we’ve been expressing towards the industry this week (well, mostly me), it’s important to point out where the good guys are in this business, and GOG and CD Projekt certainly fit that category. That said, I’m really most interested in a new game going up at GOG next week that went unmentioned: Legends of Grimlock. Party-based RPG for the win!

UPDATE: There’s also a terrific interview at RPS today with GOG’s managing director, Guillaume Rambourg. Well worth checking out.