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Jumping the Shark Podcast #141

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Joining us for Jumping the Shark #140 is the one and only Jason McMaster, he of Cap’n Patch Kickstarter fame. Now, I would tell you that nobody in their right mind would back a game who’s main character is a spider, but even I have to admit the little bugger is oh so cute. I mean he’s got a pipe and a spatula. What more could you ask for? Jason and I then talk up some Guild Wars 2 action. Given that he’s an MMO guy, and I’m incredibly not, it makes for a decent point-counterpoint. For those of you looking to see Bill get his PC Dark Souls on, you’ll be shocked to learn that he hates it. And I mean hates it. Except that he doesn’t. Who’d of guessed? Finally, Brandon is witness to the Fall of Cybertron in the latest Transformers game from High Moon Studios. Find out why the guy with an Autobot tattoo isn’t as blown over by the game as he’d hoped. All that and little Bastion on the iPad talk is coming your way in this week’s JTS!

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