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Cave Evil Reprinting!


Alright, here’s your shot. Back in 2011, I listed Cave Evil as one of my top games of the year. And it was a tough year. Cave Evil was up there alongside GOTY winner Mage Knight, Eclipse, and everybody’s favorite King of Tokyo. But there were only 500 copies of Cave Evil, and they dried up fairly quick. Can you name one other black metal-themed, old school fantasy wargame? I didn’t think so.

Anyway, one of the solemn and atavistic emissaries of the Emperors of Eternal Evil stopped by here to bump my original review post because they’re reprinting the game- again in limited quantities. This is not a Kickstarter campaign. This is preorder thing and they want to be able to sell at least 420 copies to cover a 1000 piece print run. The price is $75 if you get in on the preorder, but it’ll be $90 after. And do note that this is a 100% made-in-America game. Get yours at

These guys totally deserve the support for doing such an outstanding, unique game. Seriously folks, this game is outstanding with some of the coolest, most outrageously original artwork and theming you’ve ever seen. Even if you don’t know Beherit from Burzum or Nargaroth from Gorgoroth, the dark fantasy setting is awesome and it’s not without some subtle humor. The gameplay is old school, brutal, and fun. They’re saying that this is the FINAL print run, so don’t blow your gaming budget on a bunch of silly ass junk and go full nekro on this cult classic.