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Bill Has Gone Fishin’

Not really. I hate fishing.

I am going to be in Florida (Hallendale Beach) to visit my parents all week. My wife and daughter are coming along so I will be acting a fool, getting a tan, playing beach volleyball and drinking beer until I wish I was dead.

No wait that was Spring Break 1989.

Spring Break 2012 will involve a trip to Gulfstream Park, night time board gaming with the family, I may swim a little, and I plan on eating a lot of fish. So, yeah, I guess in a way I am going fishing.

Brandon is also in Florida this week at the House of Mouse so all week you get to read the pleasant stylings of Mike Barnes, Todd Brakke, Brian Rowe and Danielle Riendeau. It will likely be a high point for the blog with me and Brandon out of the way.

On another note, I plan on offering a full on Barnes Rebuttal for Lords of Waterdeep when I get back and I played two games of Hansa Teutonica (pictured) today which is about 500 times the game that this D&D claptrap Eurogame is. If you are in the mood to push some cubes, get that one. Trust me.

Hansa Teutonica. Awful name, brilliant game. See you next week.