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The Diablo 3 NoHS Battle Tag Exchange

So I finally got this damn game to work. Turns out my issue was not related to the floodgates opening and the servers burning. My issue was …odd.

If you do get the wily error code 315300, you can fix it by:

1. Cursing Blizzard in a ceremony of your choosing (do not harm any animals, please) for forcing you to be online and dealing with this nonsense if you want to play Diablo III by your lonesome.

2. Deleting your Battle.Net and Blizzard directories in your Programdata folder.

3. Create a new admin profile for Windows. Login with that profile, fire up Diablo III, start killing demons.

(You can now delete the new admin profile.)

So, seeing as how I have to be online to play this thing, let’s see if we can’t organize and get some No High Scores team action going.

Slap your Battle Tag in this here post if you’d like to play. I have no idea if you need the # after the name but in any case hare the IDs for both Todd and me:


I’ll put this over on the right sidebar for future reference.