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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Trailer

YouTube video


I am, mercifully, back home. After a week abroad and a week largely off the grid in Boston, I feel like I have no idea what’s happening in the gaming world. Was there something about an Xbox 720? Surely, we’re just calling it that right? And something with SOPA happened, I guess, that was, for once, a good thing. Is it really dead or is it like Monty Python dead and will soon refuse to be taken away on the cart? It’s all too much, and not just because I can’t breath through my nose today. 

Right. Anyway. There’s this Mass Effect 3 multiplayer trailer. By virtue of the fact that it’s advertising the one thing in Mass Effect 3 I’m least interested in playing, combined with me being in a grumbly mood in general, I look at this and think, “Wow. That blows.” It probably doesn’t. It’s just so damn amped up on ACTION that you risk spraining something merely by watching it. These sorts of things don’t impress me. After the break I’m putting in the launch trailer from Mass 2. That was good. I liked that. Hey, Bioware, let’s have another one of those when launch day approaches in just over a month, okay? 


YouTube video

Mmmm. Makes me want to play it all over again.