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Resident Evil Chronicles HD in Review

When Cap’n Abner gets PR regarding anything Resident Evil, he more or less forwards it directly to me. I suppose I’m this crew’s in-house RE expert, if not the franchise’s biggest fan in these parts. So when he offered me review codes for the new PSN-exclusive HD remasters of the Umbrella Chronicles and Darkside Chronicles light gun games, I of course graciously accepted them. Well, not quite. Because at first I thought they were Move-only titles, and I balked since I don’t have Move. But I looked over the press and the ad copy in the PSN description and it stated that you could use a standard controller.

Now, mind you, I played and more less enjoyed these games on the Wii so my experience with them was mostly low-definition and with a Wiimote acting as an ersatz firearm. The first impression I had of the new editions were good because the HD remastering is well done and everything looks nice and crisp. The RE atmosphere shines through, and as fan affairs these are fun games with lots of classic franchise elements re-contextualized to work as an arcade style, on-rails light gun game with some neat depth- upgradable weapons, melee counters, huge boss fights, and lots of secrets. Read More