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Electronic Super Joy Looks Fun

YouTube video

While I still think the whole “silhouette platformer” bit has been played out and resurrected beyond death, I might make an exception for Electronic Super Joy. Maybe it’s my fondness for super-hard platformers coming out, or maybe it’s just that I have a weird soft spot for the DDR-esque tunes, courtesy of ENVY.

Electronic Super Joy is set to launch on December 7, for iPad, Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux… yep, Linux.

Gun Lord Ready to Launch

Fresh from the old-school, Gun Lord is quickly approaching. So, dust off that Neo Geo…

You read that correctly. NG:DEV.TEAM specializes in developing hardcore, retro-style games for retro systems, including Fast Striker and Last Hope, both for Neo Geo and Dreamcast.

You can pick up a copy at NG:DEV.DIRECT for a scant 319 Euros on March 26, or wait for the (hopefully cheaper) Dreamcast edition on June 14.

The launch trailer contains some profanity, so you can view it after the break.

YouTube video

Endless Space, Developed by Fans

YouTube video

Endless Space is a 4X strategy game, and is the first game in development at Amplitude Studios. Rather than recap the PR spiel, I’ll let you learn more about Endless Space on your own.

What really interests me is the GAMES2GETHER business in the trailer above. I know what you’re thinking, “It’s a swindler’s sham, a concoction of shenanigans!” Not necessarily. If you remember the ill-fated Mega Man Legends 3, you should know that crowdsourced development, even through fans, can actually work. It depends largely on two factors: if it’s a game that fans of the genre can get behind, and how serious Amplitude Studios is about this venture.

Vessel Released on Steam

YouTube video

Strange Loop Games has released its platformer on Steam. This has been in development for roughly three years now so it’s nice to see it reach the light of day. Looks pretty slick too. You can grab the game direct from Strange Loop. “Purchase Vessel and get it DRM-free on Windows, plus a key to unlock it on Steam.”

So you’re looking at $13 during this launch week special.

From the dev blog:

We’ve been trying to figure out how long Vessel is, and determined it really varies. We’re guessing it’s going to be about 10 solid hours of gameplay, all challenging puzzles and no filler or repeated sequences. Definitely a bargain for the asking price. Also, we’re on sale for 10% off this first week! There’s a demo available on Steam as well (link here for Steam store)