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Jumping the Shark Podcast #121

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The gang is all back (plus one Brian Rowe) for Jumping the Shark #121 or, as Bill refers to it, #129, #212, and #46. Yes, it’s his attention to detail that makes him such an exciting host; that and his killer segues. This week Brian talks about how he shrugs off stress by playing games that make him angry, games like Trials Evolution. Bill goes walking with the dead in TellTale’s latest series of episodic adventures. I descend into the legend that is Grimlock or Grinkjaw, or whatever it is we’re all calling it this week. As for Brandon, I’m pretty sure he sat there with a mirror in his hand so he could admire is fine mane of hair. Oh, and we return to the used games discussion as we ponder whether or not it’s coincidence that the heads of studios like Crytek have been coming out so regularly of late to decry the used games business. All this and more on a very special episode of Blossom Jumping the Shark!

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