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Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime

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I won’t be at PAX Prime in Seattle this year, but if I were, I could tell you exactly where most of my time would be spent. 10 games will still be showcased in the PAX 10, but no longer will other indie video game developers be confined to the peripheral tables wedged between vendors selling trinkets of dubious quality.

The Indie Megabooth will host 30 developers displaying 32 games, including Super Time Force, Mark of the Ninja, Snapshot, Yata, Chasing Aurora, Guacamelee!, Monaco, and Antichamber. If you’re heading to PAX and you get the chance to try out some games at the Indie Megabooth, let us know what you think. You can find a full list of games and developers at the Indie Megabooth website.

Fancy a Free Copy of Vessel?

Vessel is the dashing new physics-based platformer from Strange Loop Games. While our full review is forthcoming, we can already say that you’ll want to get your hands on Vessel, and we’re here to help.

We have five Steam keys for the full game in need of good homes, and two chances for you to win. Follow the instructions below, cross your fingers, and enter by Sunday, March 18, 8pm (EST).

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Remember, you can use both options to enter for two chances to win:

Option 1 – Leave a comment below along with your unique Steam identity, so we know where to send the code.

Option 2 – Use this link to Twitter (not the Tweet button on the side), follow @NoHighScores, and retweet. Why is this important? Because, more Twitter followers equals more readers, and that means more awesome giveaways like this one.

We’ll pick five winners at random, and once again, the deadline to enter is Sunday, March 18, 8pm (EST).

Vessel Released on Steam

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Strange Loop Games has released its platformer on Steam. This has been in development for roughly three years now so it’s nice to see it reach the light of day. Looks pretty slick too. You can grab the game direct from Strange Loop. “Purchase Vessel and get it DRM-free on Windows, plus a key to unlock it on Steam.”

So you’re looking at $13 during this launch week special.

From the dev blog:

We’ve been trying to figure out how long Vessel is, and determined it really varies. We’re guessing it’s going to be about 10 solid hours of gameplay, all challenging puzzles and no filler or repeated sequences. Definitely a bargain for the asking price. Also, we’re on sale for 10% off this first week! There’s a demo available on Steam as well (link here for Steam store)