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Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Trailer

YouTube video

Epic Mickey was a pretty hefty letdown.

Let me back up: Epic Mickey sold rather well, upwards to 2.5 to 3 million units. The actual game, though, was a letdown for many — especially considering how well that game showed at E3. It had a lot of people, people who usually don’t give games of its ilk a second glace, giving it a second glance.

Reviews were mixed and extremely polarizing. You rarely see this level of division— and it’s one of the things Metacritic is very good at revealing. Not so much the scores in and of themselves but the range of scores.

Sure you may see some Yahoo be an outlier and give Red Dead Redemption a less than glowing review (what a dummy) but to see so many great reviews and then so many “this is crap” reviews is rare.

So Epic Mickey 2 is in development and the trailer shows off some gameplay and has Warren Spector telling everyone about the new spin. He also mentions the camera which was a HUGE issue with the original and Spector has I guess changed his tune because he used to think the camera was A-OK in the first game. Funny how that works. I love Spector’s work but his reaction to Epic Mickey’s critics never did sit well with me.

If reviewers want to give us a hard time about it because they’re misunderstanding the game we made, it’s not for me to tell them that they’re wrong, absolutely not. But I wish people would get it out of their head that we made a ‘Mario’ competitor, because we didn’t.

I want Epic Mickey 2 to succeed and getting it out of the Wii exclusive realm and “enhancing” the camera, as Spector puts it, will go a long way into making that happen.